In this talk from Fitposium 2018, I break down step-by-step how to develop your own product line from scratch and how to get it out there into the world. There is SO much content in this talk, and I’m sending it all out to you, so you can have the tools to succeed in your business!

I show you how I started my business from my little apartment, crappy packaging, and assembly line included, to making a deal on Shark Tank and having it manufactured and sent all over the country!

I also answer some frequent questions from the audience that you too might be facing like:

  • How to find a manufacturer?
  • How to find a fulfillment center?
  • Should you do Amazon?
  • How to get sales with no advertising budget?
  • How to connect with Influencers?
  • Should you be all ecommerce or also set up a wholesale plan?
  • How to figure out your Cost of Goods and Price point to hit the right profit margin?

And so much more! So get your notepad out, and listen for free! It’s time for you to succeed in business, and I want to help you get there!


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Ashley Drummonds