I recently received a question on Instagram asking what the best supplements are for women and if there even are good supplements to take on a regular basis. Before diving into this video and answering the question, a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you do decide to take natural supplements make sure you first get doctors approval
  • Read the ingredient list of each supplement to make sure it truly is natural and non gmo
  • Usually you want to take supplements with a meal

The supplements I will discuss in this video are specifically for women’s health. First, a little background on why I started taking each of these.

Right around the age of 19 I started experiencing severe anxiety and panic attacks and literally had no clue of how to resolve it or what was even causing it. I tried meditation and it helped me learn to take deeper breaths and focus on the positive things in life. I then started birth control because I found out through research that anxiety and panic attacks in women can actually be caused by severe PMS and hormonal imbalances. So, when I was on birth control from 19-24 years old I felt a huge difference in lower anxiety levels. However, I didn’t like the idea of taking a synthetic hormone that stopped my body from naturally producing hormones and also didn’t like some of the side effects you can experience on birth control so I stopped.

Right around the age of 25, I started experiencing anxiety and stress again! I didn’t want to go on birth control and start that process all over so instead I took the time to research natural ways to balance hormones, reduce anxiety symptoms and have optimal health and the supplements in this video are what I have found over the last few years that have really helped me.

The first supplement I take on a regular basis, the Garden of Life Probiotic Mood+Digestion, has a lot of different benefits. I discuss all of these supplements more in the video, but the main benefits of the probiotic and specifically this one is that it helps with your overall digestion keeping the “good” bacteria in your gut regulated which is important for keeping your immune system in check. On top of that, the specific probiotic strands in this blend are made to help prevent or reduce yeast infections and urinary tract infections in women since that all is related to having an overgrowth of bacteria in the intestines, urinary tract and vaginal area. Lastly, this probiotic has a special blend of natural stress relieving herbs such as Ashwaganda and specific probiotic strands that help keep cortisol in check.

The second supplement I take on a regular basis that is 100% natural and really helps balance out my hormones, reduce PMS symptoms and just helps keep my anxiety down is the PreMense T. Two of the natural herbs that helps balance womens’ hormones naturally when taken on a regular basis are Vitex and Chaste berry. This herbal blend contains both of those along with other herbs that work with your bodies natural rhythm to keep hormones in balance.

The third supplement I discuss in this video is St. Johns Wort. This herb is usually used to help with anxiety and depression by promoting the natural production of serotonin levels in the brain. The reason I take this on a regular basis is because it actually helps reduce my anxiety during PMS to where it doesn’t completely shut it off it just makes it much more manageable.

Last but not least, my version of a Daily Multivitamin that I use is just the EmergenC vitamin mix packs. I like these better than the capsule vitamins because I personally think my body absorbs it more efficiently, but also because they have electrolytes in them and extra vitamin c which is important for your immune system, but also for anti-aging benefits.

Now, watch the short video below and I will go over each of these supplements in a little more detail to give you a better understanding of how they work!


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Ashley Drummonds