A couple weeks ago I was feeling a little burnt out, emotional and “stuck”. My training was on point, my nutrition and sleep were on point, but it still felt like a part of me was just ready to quit. I hopped on a call with a friend and explained how I was feeling and her response was “maybe you just need a night or day that you dress up, wear heels and just pamper yourself!”.

After I thought about it, it had been a while since I had dressed up and wore anything other than gym clothes and a sweaty pony tail so that Friday I committed to actually doing my hair, makeup and wearing heels just so I felt a little better about whatever this funk was. Well, in doing that something interesting happened…

All of a sudden I felt lighter, more relaxed and at ease about life. 

I had more confidence and just felt overall better about the direction I was headed. 

All of this just from wearing some makeup and a pair of heels?

I pondered this a little bit more as how I could feel so different from just changing my clothes and appearance and actually realized this played into my feminine energy and my softer side that needed to be expressed. See here’s the thing, I am an athlete and a business woman. I lift heavy weights, train hard in the gym, set goals and focus on my business. When I take a step back and observe all of this, I am playing A LOT into my “masculine” energy and not hardly any into my feminine energy.

Masculine vs. Feminine has nothing to do with male or female as much as it has to do with your analytical side and your creative side mentally. Both are essential and part of the Yin/Yang in your personality and overall balance in life, but what tends to happen is we end up predominantly being one over the other mostly out of fear or out of habit.

Mine was a little bit of both fear and habit.

  • See your masculine energy is what creates your goals, a “to-do” list, gets $hit done and makes you the survivor in life. 
  • Feminine energy is what is relaxed, creative, easy going, outside of the box side. 

When we feel “stuck” like I expressed I was feeling, it’s usually not because we actually are stuck in any specific area as much as it is we have cut of a part of what makes us whole. This is VERY common in athletes, fitness enthusiasts, business professionals, parents, etc because we learn the part of us that works best for coping, accomplishments, success or whatever has gotten us “positive” attention and kind of shut off the other side consciously or unconsciously. The good news is that there are ways that you can play into your other side and start expressing both your masculine energy and feminine energy so that your life feels more balanced and in the flow.

So in today’s chat, Kindal and I will take about how to tap more into your femininity while being an athlete, business owner, or just fitness enthusiast, but also the importance of mental health and how to deal with anxiety and stress. 

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Ashley Drummonds 

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