On this week’s Real Women Talk episode, I was so excited for the question we received from one of our listeners/viewers about nutrition and her workouts because most of the questions we receive are geared towards how to lose weight or tone up. This one was focused more on weight gain and how to do it without putting on fat. Here is the question we received from our listener Angie this week:

“Hi! I’ve been following your podcast for a year and I love it. I have a question about training and nutrition: I’m 5ft, 93lbs with 13% bodyfat. I want to gain weight but I don’t want to gain too much fat. I train 5-6x/week for 1-2hrs/session (15-30min HIIT or a crossfit style workout or 30-60min easy to moderate running for cardio+ 30-60min strength training featuring the main powerlifts and some Olympic lifting sprinkled in).

Nutrition wise:
breakfast: 2 slices whole wheat toast+ 2 boiled eggs
Morning Snack: 1 serving fruit
Lunch: On school days- salad with spinach+ 5-6oz??? boiled chicken; weekends- (same as dinner)
Afternoon snack: 1 scoop Vega protein powder with water or a quest bar
Dinner: 1 cup black rice+ 6-8???oz meat or fish(cooked without oil)+ stirfried veggies
How and what should I modify about my diet or exercise to reach my goals? I want to gain weight, but don’t want to gain too much fat…how?”

Just reading through this question and before diving in, there are a few initial things that catch both mine and Kindal’s eye regarding her workouts. Typically, when you are trying to put on more lean muscle when you are already lean you want to cut down on doing so much cardio. (This is a different if you are looking to lose weight while building a lean body…in that situation you would focus on strength circuits and HIIT training). Cardio exercise is great, but when you are already at 13% body fat and want to gain weight you will end up wearing yourself out trying to perform such long strength workouts followed by such long cardio workouts almost erasing all of the hard work you put in on the weights.

So How Do you Put On Lean Muscle without Putting on More Fat AND is that even possible?

Watch the video below and find out! 

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Ashley Drummonds