Ever wondered what the 6 Week Challenge is all about and why it’s 6 weeks?

In today’s video, we will chat about the truth and details behind the latest “6 Week Challenge Diet” which guarantees that you lose 20lbs in 6 weeks or 5% of body weight in 6 week and is it really healthy? 

I received a message this week from one viewer who specifically asked “A few of my friends do this 6 week challenge-lose 20 pounds of 5% of body weight. They give them a meal plan….my question is why on the last week of the meal plan you eat only tilapia and asparagus only? All 3 meals and snacks….tilapia and asparagus. You stop eating at noon on Friday (last day of the challenge) and fast the rest of the day and then don’t eat till after weigh in on Saturday. What is the benefit of tilapia and asparagus only?”

Personally, I think challenges are great and can be very beneficial when done in a healthy way such as:

  • 6 Week Strength Cycles that are structured to increase all over your weight lifting movements
  • 6 Week Wholistic Nutrition so you focus on cutting out foods that are processed, but still get all of your macronutrient groups
  • 6 Week Mindset Challenge focusing on setting goals and positive thought processes to create the life you want


These types of 6 week Challenges are great for moving you forward in different areas of your life in a positive way. The problem (which we will discuss in more detail in this video) comes when you do anything that is extreme or depriving/starving your body.

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The best way to make sure you are making healthy choices in your fitness and weight loss is to ask yourself if what you are doing is sustainable and is it adding to your body (such as adding strength training, exercises, nutrient dense whole foods) or is it depriving your body (skipping meals, cutting out food groups, etc).

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Ashley Drummonds 

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