Have trouble figuring out what to eat at each meal to hit your weight loss and fitness goals? In today’s episode we will go over what are healthy fats, what are healthy carbs, and the best lean protein sources along with how to figure out how much of eat to put on your plate at each  meal to make sure your serving size and macronutrient needs are being met.

A few tips I use to make sure my serving sizes are in the right portion without having to measure out every single food are:

  • I use a smaller plate since the smaller “side” plates are actually closer to the portion sizes we should be eating then what a normal size dinner plate is
  • Your protein portion is about the size of your palm, your carb portion is about the size of your fist and your fat portion is about the size of your thumbprint (1 tbsp.)
  • The largest portion of your plate should be covered with veggies and protein with the smaller portion being the carbs and fats
  • When eating out, I usually eat half of what they actually serve since most restaurants give you a serving size that is double what you actually need unless it is coming from a portion controlled menu or a “light” menu

For the most part, you want to stick with foods that are in their most natural form with minimal processing. I don’t follow anything that is labeled “fat free” because your body needs fats as we discuss in this video and when shopping at the grocery store you typically want to follow the “outer” rim of the store since that will consist of your produce, meats/proteins, and dairy. Everything else down the middle aisles in a grocery store are pretty much processed with the exception of things like coffee, tea, stevia, rolled oats.

If you need more help on understanding your macronutrients then check out this article on Macronutrients 101.


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Ashley Drummonds