Women frequently approach me wanting to know how to lose that last bit of stubborn weight. Most women tend to have a misconception that if you eat less than the recommended 1200 daily calories, you will lose weight. However, you should actually take in more than this recommended amount with the right type of calories and with a regular workout routine, you will build your desired muscle mass.

By taking in less calories, people are not realizing they are becoming undernourished. You should not be depriving your body. While you might initially lose weight, this is not the way to reach your desired goal. Your weight loss will eventually taper off and in the process you will be harming your body and slowing your metabolism.

The idea of eating more calories may seem counterproductive, but you will find that your metabolism will speed up to keep up with the amount you are eating. Eating the right amount of nutritious calories will get you to the results you desire.

Another point I would like to make is to be sure to listen to your bodies. Our bodies talk to us when we are under eating or eating the wrong types of food. Our focus should be on taking in the correct amount of whole, natural foods.

Watch the chat below as Kindal and I explain how to eat the right amount of calories and how this will translate into weight loss and building your desired muscle mass.

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Ashley Drummonds