I started learning about and lifting weights back in 2008/2009 when I was looking for a healthy outlet to relieve stress and boost my confidence. When I started out, every day I looked forward to just putting my head phones in and shutting out the rest of the world for an hour or so and just building my strength physically which built my strength inwardly. The idea of working out with other people just didn’t make sense to me and didn’t seem as therapeutic as lifting by myself. I was independent and confident and didn’t need anyone to hold me accountable to workout because I did it for myself. I worked out solo for 4-5 years and never felt like I was missing out on anything at all and actually almost saw it as a weakness for anyone who “needed” a workout partner.

However, somewhere in 2013 life had other plans and connected me with my above friend who soon became my every day workout partner. The first workout we did pushed me so much that I remember feeling nauseous for the first time in a long time. We met up at the gym, we did what we call “exercise for exercise” which  means she would name an exercise we did then I would name one we did as a superset. Well the good thing and bad thing is we all tend to choose the exercises we are strongest in so when Amy chose burpees and plyometrics while I was over here just choosing heavy weights, we both got our butts kicked because it pushed us completely outside of our normal routine. Since then, I have been working out with a partner or in a group setting and am not a huge believer in it and here’s why:

There’s a saying that you only grow as big as the environment you’re in…if you’re the only one in your fitness world then you kind of are challenging just whatever you decide to program for your workout that day. However, when you have a partner who has totally different strengths then you-you become forced to challenge your body and mind in a totally different way. Amy (picture above), does awesome with plyometrics and when we first met she used to run all the time. Well any of you have followed me for any amount of time all know that I hate running and would rather lift seriously heavy weights for an hour then run for 5 minutes. Of course, the first time she asked to run together I was less than excited, but also realized some areas I needed to work on. Now, I workout regularly at a Crossfit gym with a group of 5-10 people. When I first was introduced to Crossfit a couple years ago, I was intimidated by the idea of working out with other people who were probably much stronger than me and looking like an idiot not knowing what I was doing, but also because it meant stepping outside my comfort zone and being vulnerable to show my weaknesses and areas I need to improve on.

I can honestly say that now almost 10 years later since my start of lifting weights in 2008 and working with a partner or a group setting, I am in better shape now than I have ever been because I am constantly being challenged and improving in all areas. There is always someone in the class who is faster, stronger and in better shape than me which is intimidating, but also forces me to step up and improve. The same is true for any of your life and sometimes hard to swallow that you are who you surround yourself with. I have tried denying this so many times in my life as an excuse for not to get outside my comfort zone, but the facts prove both on my fitness and in my business that I am a better person when I am surrounded with like minded individuals who are moving towards similar goals.

So in today’s chat, my friends Kindal Boyle and Mee from Mee Eat Paleo Nut Butters share our stories about how we found our workout partners, what it was like the first time we stepped into a Crossfit gym or group fitness class, but also several suggestions on how you can find your workout and accountability partner.

In this video, I talk specifically about being part of a social media or Facebook group where you can share your workouts and goals. You are welcome to join my tribe of Flat ABS women who have gone through the 90 day transformation and are consistently working towards their goals in fitness and in life by heading here to join!

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