One of the biggest myths and questions I get when working with women on their fitness goals is the fear that if they lift heavy weights they will end up looking bulky or like a man. On top of that, it’s the fear factor of looking stupid stepping of the cardio equipment and machines and stepping into the unknown (which of course translates to a lot of things in life).

When I went from high school to college and no longer was playing sports, I followed the path I thought everyone did to lose weight and get in shape with lots of cardio. However, I hate cardio. Even to this day I have a tank top I wear regularly that says “I hate running” because it really doesn’t leave me feeling stronger and empowered and leaves me achy and bored. Around the age of 20, I was going through a divorce and really just got tired of what I was doing in life all together and threw myself into the unknown in a lot of areas of life including diving into learning about strength training and seeing what would happen to my body.

Well, after the first week of just basic dumbbell workouts instead of cardio workouts I was hooked. Every time I walked away feeling tighter, stronger and confident not just because I was lifting more weight than I thought but because I also was in this entire new area of life that a few months prior had intimidated me.

Now, it is my passion to encourage and empower women to step out of the cardio bunny routine and into lifting heavy weights not only for what it does for your body, but what it does for your mind.

In today’s video, Kindal and I chat about the question we get almost daily of “Will Lifting Heavy Weights Make Women Look Bulky?”, but also our own fears and insecurities we have had and STILL have to this day when it comes to our workouts and lifting to show that you are always improving and whether you’re a fitness professional like us or just looking to improve your health there is always going to be something that needs improvement. You are only competing against yourself and becoming the best version of YOU.

Join us in the episode below.

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Ashley Drummonds