In a recent interview talking about female entrepreneurship, we got into the conversation about how most people see the glory and fun parts about being an entrepreneur, but only the person behind the business knows the true struggles that go into building a business.

I was at a birthday dinner for my mom at Cooper’s Hawk Winery and any time I drink wine my love/life coach side comes out and all I want to do is tell everyone how much I love them, appreciate them and how amazing I think life is for all of us. Since this dinner was at a winery and with my family (who I love so much), the love chats were flowing! In the middle of dinner, we started talking about our goals and dreams that we currently are working on and I kind of just stopped and said to my dad “You know what, I hope you always know how much I appreciate you and the 30+ years you worked your butt off for our family to give us this incredible lifestyle”.

This then led to a much longer gratitude appreciation because the truth is you never really appreciate the effort that is put into the people who build some of your favorite brands or even the people in your life who build businesses to provide a different lifestyle for themselves and others until you take on the entrepreneur journey yourself.

Sometimes it’s lonely, it’s stressful, there’s days that there’s more doubt than there is faith, and no one else will understand the mental and emotional battles you have to defeat every day to continue towards your goals. Just recently did I start hearing about more and more CEO’s and highly successful business owners start getting deep and honest about the road to success is sometimes a lonely one mostly because when you have an idea or a dream in your mind no one else can see it but you. However, you also are the only one who can bring it to life and the one who has to hold on to that vision when everything seems to be falling apart. This is also why I am so big on weight lifting because you have to rely only on yourself to pick up that weight…nobody else can do that for you. This translates into so much more than just working out (more on that in another post).

Because of the ups and downs that come with life and turning your passions into a reality, it is not only important but absolutely a MUST that you have some sort of spiritual practice to keep you grounded and centered in yourself.

In this interview I did where I was recently asked what is my spiritual practice and how do I keep the faith when reality shows nothing but doubts, I realized a few things that are a regular spiritual practice for me and have absolutely nothing to do with church, rules, religion, or tradition that I hope will help you discover your own practice so that you can come back to it every time you need extra strength, courage, faith, focus, grounding, and love.

Think of this as a form of prayer perhaps except you aren’t going anywhere to get answers other than within.

In order to discover what spiritual practice works for you let’s go over what spirituality is NOT:

  1. A spiritual practice is not a religion. It’s not a forced thing you have to do on a daily basis to follow specific rules.
  2. It is not a one size fits all. Your life and your path is unique and so will your connection be as well.
  3. It is not a place you go to outside of yourself looking for things to “fix” with yourself or for someone else to tell you what to do.
  4. It will not be the same for the rest of your life.

Now, here is what your spiritual practice is and what it’s for:

  1. It connects you to the present moment which is the only real truth of reality. We are always living in the past or the future when the only thing really happening is the present moment.
  2. It connects you to your breath and natural rhythm.
  3. It helps silence out everything you are not (fear, guilt, doubt, hate) and reminds you of everything you are (love, abundance, health, peace)
  4. It connects you to your true self and everything that you need. All the answers, the guidance and love you seek. Some call this connecting to God, connecting to Source, connecting to the Universe…what you call “it” doesn’t matter.

I grew up in the church and went to a Christian school my entire life so am very familiar with the Christian faith along with in church every time the doors were open. Over the last 10 years, I have been on the path to my own self-discovery through my own life lessons and through that have found what connects me and hopefully these suggestions of what I have found will help you explore to discover what practice connects you.

Here are a few questions to help you on your own self-discovery:

  • Ask yourself, what do you do on a regular basis that you get lost in with no concept of time? This can be a lot of different things. For me, I get lost when I am playing/listening to really good music, when I am lifting weights, when I am outside in  nature, when I am deep in conversation with someone I care about, when I am enjoying wine, dancing, traveling, when I am journaling, etc. It is anything that gets you out of your analytical mind and into the present moment.
  • What do you do that makes you feel most in your element and in the “flow”? Again, for me it is any of the above things. Where things just come natural and I am not having to force anything.
  • When do you feel you have the best ideas, the most clarity and are at the most peace? This happens for me when I am sitting in silence just focusing on my breath (aka meditation) and just listening to my thoughts. This can also happen in nature, with music, with your pet, etc. For most people, the silence is what creates the opportunity to listen to that inner voice and shut out all the noise of the world outside yourself. Any time I have a friend or coaching client that is struggling with a decision, I always tell them to just take 15-20 minutes by themselves without any distraction and literally just sit in silence and ask yourself in your mind “what should I do?”. Then just breathe and sit with that question in silence and you’d be surprise the things that come up to help guide you.

I am sure after thinking on these questions you have a few ideas coming up that may resonate with you.

Now, you have a few ideas…now I want you to NOT come up with a plan to how to implement them.

I know, the exact opposite of everything I teach and believe with turning your ideas into a reality and implementing them, but when it comes to your spiritual “practice” you have to listen to your intuition when it comes to what you need and when you need it. You can’t just decide “every day I am going to journal at 7am for 20 minutes and be spiritual” when one day you might wake up and your soul really just is asking to be outside in nature and be quiet. Most days I wake up and spend a few minutes journaling and a few minutes meditating/visualizing. Not at any specific time or not for any specific amount of time. Sometimes though if I’m feeling a little more tired then usual, I wake up, pour my cup of coffee and just sit on the balcony and enjoy the morning.

The whole point is just to be present. That’s it. The more we connect to the present moment and the things/people in the present moment in our lives things get much easier and more clear because we stop making decisions based on the past, future, or expectations of others and just listen to what we feel and know is right in the only real moment we have.

If you are super new to any type of spiritual practice or mediation then I always recommend just sitting in silence for a few minutes and see how much “noise” and brain chatter you have going on and try just focusing on breathing. There’s also tons of guided meditations you can try online to walk you through the process.

This whole life is a path of self discovery. You are always evolving, growing, changing and investing in yourself with time to just re-connect is the most important thing you can do for your own happiness, but also for the world.

There’s a saying that says something like If you don’t have the time to meditation for 10 minutes daily then that’s when you need to meditate the most. You have the time. We all have the same time. You just have to make the choice to spend your time doing the things that make the biggest positive impact. When you connect even for 5-10 minutes a day you actually will find your days just naturally falling into place, your stress level going down, and perfect synchronistic events coming into your life because you are no longer working against life stressing out always in a hurry, you are literally “in the flow” connected to the natural rhythm of life.

The more you often you get into your “spiritual practice” the more you will notice when you haven’t done it. It will start to feel like when you are used to working out 5-6x a week then you skip the gym for 3 days and you literally can feel that you haven’t worked out in a few days. The same is true with this…it does so much for your mind, soul and health.

For all of my entrepreneur friends and clients, you must have something like this in your life or else when everything falls apart you also will fall apart. Strength training is important, but this mental strength training is even more important. This is your foundation.

This is a practice which means your whole life is part of figuring out yourself and becoming in expert so try your best not to get frustrated.

As always, I am here and the resources are here to help you create a life, body and business you love to send me a message and leave me a comment for specific questions.

In the mean time, Love Yourself. Trust Yourself. Be Yourself.

Ashley Drummonds

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