Throughout our lives we deal with how we perceive our bodies and how we can improve outwardly. We take steps to lose weight and set fitness goals to achieve a body image we inspire to be like. We do this by going on diets and increasing our times at the gym, but we often forget to take care of our inner selves and grow to love ourselves for who we are.

Often times with friends we talk about how we would love to look like an actress or cover model, and we often work hard to achieve a better body image to achieve this look. But we do not create our own positive body image and positive mindset about nutrition and fitness.

As we continue to grow and love ourselves, we learn about healthier diets and workouts and to love our body for the way it is. We can create healthier lives for ourselves by also focusing on positive self-love, which will grow our positive mindset and increase our happiness.


In today’s ABS TV video, Justine Moore, former fitness and model competitor talks to us about her journey from body insecurity to a positive mindset about body image, nutrition, and fitness.

We learn about her years as a fitness competitor and how it affected her health and how she has grown her self love since leaving the competition world. She talks about the importance of self-love along with healthy eating and fitness. We also learn about her personal business Justine Fit.

Join me in today’s episode and be ready to be inspired to creating a life and body you love on ABS TV!

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As we discussed with Justine, it takes time and sometimes even personal struggles to realize we need to work not only on our bodies, but also our minds to create a healthier and happier life. Throughout our lives we need to continue to grow and improve our positive mindset and we need to encourage those around us to also focus on loving themselves.

Leave a comment below and let Justine and I know what your journey has been so far to increase your self-love! What did you think of this video?

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