This past week I was sitting at one of my favorite restaurants here in Tampa with two of my best friends having wine and talking about how grateful we are for life for our journey and being able to connect. We truly have been able to go through so many life experiences together as friends through the ups and downs and more importantly we have been there to see and support our individual ambitions and growth.

One of the things that came up was reminiscing about how in our early 20’s it’s so funny how much work you put into to being who you think you “should” be instead of who you actually want to be. With our workouts, our nutrition, the career choices, the failed relationships we all had a lot of good “remember when” laughs but at the same time appreciate being at this point in our life where we feel very clear and confident on what we want.

When first starting out on my entrepreneur and personal fitness journey, I tried every workout and diet that was out there from two a day workouts to 3x a week, to just cardio to just lifting, to no carbs to only carbs, ….you name it I did it!

I did the same thing figuring out what I wanted to do as an entrepreneur of trying out different industries and different directions to take and started a wedding planning business (that lasted 6 months when I realized brides and their families are crazy), I tried a wine and fitness business, I dabbled in real estate, and then did private training sessions with my personal training clients and life coaching clients. All of it is a journey and it’s part of discovering who we are and what are purpose is here.

Cori Lefkowith Redefining Strength

In today’s ABS TV episode, we will chat with Cori Lefkowith who is a friend and fellow female fitness entrepreneur who has her own story of how she went from being a personal trainer to owning a successful gym and online business that is redefining fitness.  

You will hear how she discovered that fitness and strength training is her passion, but also how she made the leap from working at the front desk of a gym to now owning Redefining Strength.

Join me in today’s episode and be ready to be inspired to creating a life, business and body you love on ABS TV!

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No matter where you are at in your journey, stay focused on this tweet worthy idea: Your story is part of your brand and what you are here to teach.

We all have lessons and experiences that shape and build our character, but it is when we stay focused on how we can use the experience to make a positive impact that we make the biggest difference in our own lives and the lives of others. Stay true to who you are and ask yourself, what have I gone through that I can use as a way to help others?

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Ashley Drummonds