I recently was at the gym getting my daily lifting session in when one of the members came up to me and asked “Hey, I saw you on Shark Tank with the ABS Protein Pancakes! Is it hard owning business? Was it hard starting the business? I’m sure after SharkTank you get to just take it easy now and are ‘banking’!”

I always laugh a little inside when I hear this response or get asked these questions because the first thing I think of is how so many people have such a rainbow and sprinkles image of what life as an entrepreneur is like.

I mean surely you’re an entrepreneur so you sleep in every day, have a maid and personal chef, make millions over night, and just check a few emails here and there while you’re living the dream right?

Perhaps it’s because every entrepreneur I know is playing the “Fake it till you make it game” so that it looks like we are living that life when the truth is that some days we want to throw in the towel and just go get a j.o.b. at the nearest coffee shop so at least our coffee expense will go down and we can do something a little less stressful.

I found this illustration below of what life is like as an entrepreneur by Derek Halpern and it couldn’t be more spot on!



My response to this individual above who asked about life after Shark Tank and the truth about owning a business was this:

  • Starting and Owning a Business is Simple. When you do what you love it never feels like work and you have no problem working 7 days a week because the passion fuels you. The real work is what takes place in your  mind day in and day out and learning to control that inner critic and voice that doubts you almost every single day when where you are feels like light years away from what you are working towards. However, once you learn to train your mind and control your thoughts…it really is simple.

Of course after I said this, he looked at me like he had no idea what I was talking about and quite honestly I don’t think you really can know until you take the leap to owning your own business or going after a life of your dreams. However, I feel like there are plenty of us out there who do know exactly what this brain training is all about and so I wanted to share a few ways I practice training my brain every single day to continue moving me in the direction of my goals and helping me to stay focused and motivated.

The good news is even if you are not an entrepreneur or business owner, this will still benefit you in any area of your life that you want to succeed. You can apply these same techniques and habits to have the body you desire, the relationship you desire, the career, the health, etc because every single one of these all start with your thoughts.

Those of us in the fitness industry know that the only reason we continue to stay fit and reach new fitness goals is because of the day in and day out discipline we have with our nutrition and with our workouts not because one day we felt motivated and that one day gave us the body we want…it’s the daily thoughts, the focus, and consistency that creates these things. (P.s. this is why anyone who tries to tell you that in 7 days you can have the body of your dreams is full of crap and is only trying to take your money. True results and lasting changes take consistent time and effort AND changing your thoughts which is where your problem even started. Ask anyone who is successful and they will tell you the same. You can learn more about getting lasting results, changing your thoughts and creating a life and body you want here)

Alright, so enough talking about the benefits and importance of training your brain for success. Here are my daily habits and what I tell every single coaching client of mine to do that guarantee results:

  1. Affirmations. I talk about affirmations a lot to my friends, my families, to business clients, and even in Shark Tank interviews because the truth is that the affirmations I tell myself every single day are what got me to where I am and continue to move me not some million dollar business coach or book. Affirmations are simply the thoughts that go on in your mind every day (mostly on autopilot and mostly negative…until you change them). The key is to have thoughts that align with what you actually want in your life instead of repeating depressing and negative things which only continue to repeat negative situations. It always feels awkward and fake when you first start becoming aware of your affirmations and repeating thoughts for success and abundance, but eventually your subconscious mind will soak it all up and you will see life start to turn around for you. Here is a specific affirmation video I listen to and play in the background while I am getting dressed in the mornings. Write out affirmations. Repeat them mentally or out loud every day. Say them before bed and first thing in the morning as this is when your subconscious mind is most impressionable.
  2. Get moving every single day. I know this is contrary to what a lot of people believe, but I feel that movement creates a lot of positive energy and a lot of great ideas. I don’t mean every day you have to go out and have a full on PR or run a marathon, but just move! Walk, stretch, lift, do yoga, ride a bike, wash your car, clean your house; I don’t care just move. I also get asked a lot by other business owners how I find the time to exercise every day because they’re sooooo busy and have so many other things going on and quite honestly I find the time because I make the time. I also make the time to meditate every day, to relax every day, to work hard every day, to have social time with friends and loved ones every day. It’s your day and your life and your create it how you want. Exercise is like therapy for your mind and body so think about when business and life get stressful, what is one thing you DO have control over when the rest of life feels like s*%! hit the fan? Your exercise and nutrition. You will be able to approach every problem with more ease and clarity when you release built up energy every day with moving.
  3. Act as if what you desire is already here. Want the business of your dreams and to travel whenever you want? Start being grateful that you already can do that. Talk about how your business gives you freedom and the ability to live life on your own terms. Truly Fake it till you make it because here’s the thing our mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what isn’t real. You can scare the crap out of yourself in a dark room with all the fearful thoughts you tell yourself and your mind and body will believe you and start to create symptoms in your body that reflect what you tell yourself then you turn the lights on and nothing is there and the fear was an illusion. The same is true with everything else. When you act as if what you want already exist your subconscious mind immediately starts to create opportunities and situations based around that belief. Literally, you will begin having experiences that support your belief and one day you will wake up and realize that no longer are you faking it, your life actually does reflect what you have been telling yourself all along. Ask yourself, how would a millionaire talk? how would they spend their time? where would they go every day? And start doing those things on a regular basis. Want to be fit and have a lean/strong body? Ask yourself, what would a fit person eat? How would they dress? How would they spend their time? Then act as if you are all of those things and soon you will be!
  4. Hang around people who also believe in the power of creating life on their terms and if you don’t have any people like this then get some new people! Good grief I had a hard time with this one forever because quite honestly, while starting my business and pursuing ambitions…I literally had zero girlfriends who were doing the same and it is quite frustrating to put in the work and time then to go have happy hour with a girlfriend who doesn’t “get” what you do or how much you do every day towards your goal. Trust me I know plenty of men who do the same thing! You want to live this amazing life but then hang out with a bunch of people who party every single weekend, live paycheck to paycheck and hate their jobs. It doesn’t make sense! Let go of the people and situations that no longer serve you so you can make room for all the new amazing people life will bring into your life that support you. (Warning, there may or may not be a little bit of alone time before those new people show up and it’s important for you to keep practicing Step 1 with affirmations of the awesome new people coming into your life to keep you moving forward and not falling back into old patterns).

Notice that none of these things had anything to do with things or people outside of yourself? It’s because our entire life and situations are created from within. We have no control over other people and other situations, but we do have 100% control over our mind and what we choose to do every single day. Like I said, starting and owning a business is easy…the real work happens on the inside.

So what is life like after the ABS Protein Pancakes aired on Shark Tank? Do I sleep in every day and take it easy now that I’ve had this experience?

Every day I wake up BY 6:30am (7am is sleeping in for me). I immediately begin repeating affirmations mentally and giving gratitude for the day, for a restful night, for the freedom to make my own schedule (I repeated these affirmations before it was my actual reality). I then have my coffee and read a few pages and a personal growth or inspirational book (Right now I am reading Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! ). I then write out my goals and meditate on them for a few minutes. Jump in the shower and get dressed and am out the door by 8:30am headed to a coffee shop to start working on the ABS Protein Pancakes, the new ABS TV episodes, Flat ABS ladies, and Business Coaching clients. I usually finish up around 4ish then head straight to the gym and do some HEAVY lifting and workout for anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours depending on how I am feeling (You do not have to work out this long, I just choose to do so because I enjoy lifting and it is a hobby/passion for me).

  • It is what we do day in and day out that produces the results we desire. Consistency in everything is key. Showing up every single day to your relationship, your business, and your fitness is what makes it successful and beautiful. Train your brain and control your thoughts within you and you will see the world change around you.

If you enjoyed this article and found it helpful, then please share it with all of your favorite people to help inspire and motivate them too!


Ashley Drummonds

P.s. The life you imagine is real. Just trust yourself and believe in yourself and it’ll happen.