Heather Saffer Dollop Gourmet from Shark Tank & Winner of CupCake Wars


How To Start a Successful Business and Find Your Passion

Ever wondered what it takes to start a business from the ground up to making it on shows like Cupcake Wars and Shark Tank while also having a Best Selling Book on Amazon?
Better yet, how do you even figure out your passion and what to start a business in?

Every day we have the opportunity to pursue our dreams and build a life we love, but sometimes we don’t even know where to start.

We jump from job to job still unsatisfied knowing we are meant for something so much bigger than what we are currently doing so the question is how do we get from where we are to where we want to go?

First, we have to get very clear within ourselves and dig deep figuring out what that calling is that has been pulling us our whole lives which involves some serious…you guessed it…soul searching!
In today’s very first episode of ABS TV, we will go in depth with Heather Saffer from Dollop Gourmet to find out how she started such a successful business in only 3 years along with the truth behind the scenes of what it’s like being a female entrepreneur running such a successful business.

Some of her daily habits and motivations include reading things like The Teachings of Abraham: The Master Course CD Program, 11-CD set while also making it a non-negotiable to get in her daily workouts.

I ABSOLUTELY love this interview exposing the TRUTH about being an entrepreneur and what it really takes to build a life and business of your dreams!
Now that you have watched Heather’s Interview, I would love to hear from you!

What do you feel called to start? A business or is it time to pursue that passion? What is one thing you can do NOW to take that first step towards your dreams?

You have what it takes to create the life that you imagine. No one ever has all of the answers when they first branch out into the unknown, but we all get the answers as we start our journey and tap into our own inner strength.

Imagine taking that first step today and a year, 3 years or even 5 years from now being on something like Shark Tank, Cupcake Wars, having a best seller on Amazon and truly having all of your dreams come true. Wouldn’t that be worth journeying into the unknown and taking the chance?

Speaking of best sellers, you can check out Heather’s Best Selling Dollop Gourmet Recipe Book HERE The Dollop Book of Frosting: Sweet and Savory Icings, Spreads, Meringues, and Ganaches for Dessert and Beyond

Now that you have heard Heather’s Story, I want to hear yours! Leave a comment and let me know what dream or goal you are working on! (I personally respond to every single one of these comments)

In the mean time, keep trusting the process and tapping into that inner strength and inner knowing of yours. You are already on the right path and the more you listen to that intuition/gut instinct the more clear the steps become!

Thank you so much for watching!

Ashley Drummonds

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