I recently received an email from a customer that both lit me up and made me laugh that said this:
Hey Ashley,
I have a question…I have been trying to figure out what my “passion” or my purpose is for a while and I was wondering: How and when did you know that pancakes were your passion? Did you always know that pancakes would be your big idea or your big “thing”? Did you have a business coach or any kind of coach help you with this?
Thanks for your help!
This made me excited because I absolutely love helping people live their dreams and have a life that they absolutely love while making a positive impact on the world, but this also made me laugh because the answer is NO I did not always know that pancakes were my thing and that one day while whipping up some ABS Cinnamon Roll Protein Pancakes I would also be doing a deal on Shark Tank! lol
I wasn’t that girl in kindergarten who when asked what they want to be when they grow up said “oh!! I know! I want to start a Pancake business!”.  Although, if you knew me as a kid and the enormous amounts of pancakes I did eat (like Mama’s pancake breakfast at Cracker Barrel) this wouldn’t have been too far off!
Healthy Recipes

(I always had a dream of having my own cooking show too! lol Which is still a dream)

Like every person, I was always changing what I thought I wanted to do or be: One week I was a makeup artist, then a business owner, onto a wedding planner (short lived), a personal trainer, a teller, a writer…I mean you name it and I probably already tried it. As some would say “I was a dream hopper!”
The reason we bounce from idea to idea is because we are searching…searching for the “thing” that will fill us, bring value to our lives and to others, make us a lot of money, and always be a lot of fun without feeling like a big j.o.b. !
Well, fortunately once I moved passed the age of 18 one of my biggest strengths (and still to this day) is focus and discipline which has allowed me to discover my passions while also seeing these dreams come true.
And now, I get the amazing pleasure of helping others, like yourself and this amazing women in the email above, figure out your passion while also seeing them come to life!
  • First huge TRUTH I want to put out there is this: Nobody else has the answer for what you are meant to do in this life except for YOU. How many times have you gotten “stuck” and immediately began asking your friends, family, coworkers and everyone you  know “What should I do? What do you think is right? What do you see me being good at or doing?”.  It’s ok because I have done it too, but the truth is we came into this life literally with every answer we need already within ourselves. The problem is we are so busy with all the noise of our daily lives that the inner voice aka your intuition is so hard to hear because we are too caught up on being busy, being on social media, and listening to everyone else but ourselves.
  1. So Step 1 to finding your passionStop asking everyone else what to do and start asking yourself. This is your life and whatever decisions you make, the only person who has to live with it is you so you better start becoming best friends with your intuition because it knows what will make you the happiest and bring you the most abundance.

A lot of times our passion and our “calling” is something very simple that we probably do on a daily basis, but have no idea it even is that because it sounds so simple.

For example, pancakes are not my passion. My passion is I love creating, inspiring, empowering and helping people.

–Getting more specific, I absolutely love breakfast and I love baking/creating foods that bring joy and happiness to other people’s lives.

–Add to that a little more, I love finding ways for people to enjoy their favorite foods in a healthy manner by creating things that are delicious and nutritious.

*When coming up with the idea of ABS Protein Pancakes I didn’t start brain storming on “What will make me the most money? What will involve breakfast foods? What can I do with pancakes that will get me on shark tank?” I focused on the end result which leads me to…

   Step 2: Focus on the overall feeling or end goal and let go of the specifics. When getting the idea of ABS Protein Pancakes I was in a place in my life where I was bored with my work and wanted to have more freedom, more fun and more abundance. So every morning before training clients, I would wake up and meditate for about 10 minutes (not the woo woo chanting meditation, I would just sit in silence with myself and focus on the idea of what I wanted more of in my life). As you just learned, that means focus on the end result so in silence I would hold the thought of: Passion, creative fulfillment, and abundance. I also wanted it to represent the idea of what ABS stands for with Authentic Beauty and Strength and I wanted it to make a positive impact on the world.  That’s it. I had no specifics of “Show me how I can build a super successful business, get on Shark Tank, and make lots of money in 6 months” I simply focused on the feelings and the end results I wanted. Why is this important? A lot of times, we think we know what’s best and the best path for us to accomplish our goals so we try to control every person we meet, every situation and every turn and twist life takes. The problem is while you may be thinking “I want a 6 figure business and the way I am going to do that is by creating a brand new product from scratch and work my butt off and then this then this then this”…. Life aka the Universe aka God may have something much easier and faster in mind like “hey maybe you coincidentally run into someone at the grocery store who is looking to get out of their business and it’ll take a few months to learn the skills, but it’s already generating 6 figures and it happens to be in something you love then poof! Your dreams come true faster than you thought” but because we are control freaks we end up completely slowing down the speed at which our dreams manifest because we get too caught up in the specifics instead of just holding the intent of what we want then letting it go. So to sum up Step 2: focus on the feelings and end results then LET IT GO and Let the Magic Happen!

Once you have gotten to this point, your only job is simply to keep holding your intent and letting it go. Do what you can with what you have in this moment such as getting out there and networking and doing what feels like is a move in the right direction and let the Universe take care of the rest.

I will warn you, when you start to tap into that inner voice PLUS hold the intent and feelings you want to have in your life, you will start to see your creative mind come up with all sorts of ideas on how to make it happen! The biggest fault I think most of us have as entrepreneurs or even wanna be entrepreneurs is we have temporary rabbit trails we go off on because we have “so many good ideas” that we don’t know which ones to make happen before we get distracted by the next great idea. Right?

Well here comes my strong point and of course…..

      Step 3. Focus…Focus…Focus…and BE PATIENT! Once you have your “AHA” Moment and you feel like you’ve got something that you are super excited about and feels like it may be the right idea. Run with it and stick with it. This means your energy, your intentions, your time needs to be set on making this idea come to life and giving it the time to grow. Think of it this way, you don’t have a baby and then 2 months after having a baby immediately decide you want another one…usually you have a baby and let it grow and then after a couple years you see this amazing human being you now have in your life and somewhere along the line maybe the itch to have another one shows up now that you’ve gotten the hang of the parent role BUT you first focus on being a parent to 1 child before being a parent to 4! Same thing with business and building your dream, focus on one idea and let it grow and become your reality. Letting go of all of the other ideas doesn’t mean you won’t have other great things you create it just means you are allowing yourself time to grow and nurture something fully. Plus, that creative mind that keeps giving you amazing ideas never stops giving you amazing ideas so saying no to some doesn’t mean saying no forever.

IMG_0163 IMG_0199



When I started the ABS Protein Pancake brand, from concept (the AHA Moment) to having my very first sale it took about 2 months. From that first sale to my first tasting it took about 2 more months. From that to having my website up and figuring out how to run a business because more sales kept coming in was another month. Then to having so many orders that Josh and I were sitting on my apartment floor in Tampa creating an in-home assembly line to fill them was about 4 months from “concept”. Now, about a year and a half later I have a co-packer, a fulfillment center, the amazing opportunity of Shark Tank and so much more growth that is always happening BUT it is a journey…not a sprint or a one night stand. Your idea, your passion, what you want so badly is like a long term relationship and you have to be ready to commit and focus on it for the long haul. These pictures above literally are the start up grind coming home every day from hours of training clients figuring at how to turn this idea into a reality. One day you’ll stop and observe your life and it’ll seem like the time flew by because you were too busy having fun creating your dream and the amount of time it takes won’t even matter to you!

**A side tip and something I still do to this day, make sure that everything and everyone you surround yourself with is encouraging your dream and moving you forward. I consistently post pictures, quotes, affirmations and goals on my bathroom mirror, my fridge, in my car, on my phone, on my vision board that I see every day to remind me of my “Why” and on days that I want to give up and things seem like they aren’t happening I always come back to it and it keeps me moving.

All in all, that dream…that passion that you have inside of you that you have been searching to find out what exactly it is and how to make it a reality  will become very clear once you get quiet with yourself and start listening to your own voice and intuition. More than likely, it’s something you have done naturally since you were a kid and even now you are always talking about you wish “something like this existed”.

Trust yourself. Be Yourself. Create a life that is Authentic and True to YOU!

Ashley Drummonds

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