In regards to your core/abs, there are more ways than I count of how you can train and strengthen them. Some of the top ways to strengthen and tighten your abs WITHOUT crunches though would be:

Compound Lifts (Strength Training)
Balance and Mobility Movements (1 leg/1 Arm)
Cable Exercises (Creates core resistance)
Stability Ball Movements

Your abdominal muscles are actually made up of 8 different parts so the more ways you incorporate into your workouts for training them the more likely you are to hit every part. Usually I get asked how often you should train your abs and I tell clients that your abs are like any other muscle group, you train/tear them in the gym, but the  most growth happens during the rest and repair time so you can train them targeted 2x a week with ab specific workouts, BUT in all of your lifts you should be engaging your core anyways so technically any time you perform strength training you are getting a core workout.

When you do perform ab targeted workouts,  make sure you are working the core at all kinds of angles and in all kinds of ways with twisting moves, weighted moves, power moves, etc so that your abs do not get used to one way of training.

Top 3 AB Exercises

Today, I wanted to show you some of my favorite ab exericses using a stability ball that will target every muscle in your core. The stability ball not only creates an extra challenge because it is an unstable surface, but it also incorporates your lower back as well which is a huge part of your core. One of the major causes for lower back pain is not having a strong enough core which causes your lower back muscles to compensate for the weaker abdominal muscles so exercises such as the ones in the video below along with a regular strength training program will help balance out your entire core.

In this video you will learn how to do:

  • Scorpion Twist
  • Knee Tuck
  • Hip Drop

Check out the exercises in the video below and then leave me a comment on Facebook to let me know how you liked the video!

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Ashley Drummonds

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