I was at my new gym here in Los Angeles the other day, stuck my head phones in with some strength training music, was getting myself in the zone while thinking of how I wanted to make the day’s workout intense and had the thought: Oh yea!! I’ll do some active rest by supersetting my lifts with some Kettle bell swings!

Excitedly (is that a word?) I walked around the gym looking for the Kettle Bell rack and after about 5 minutes found out from a fellow member that this gym doesn’t allow kettle bells…also doesn’t allow Olympic lifting or for you to drop weights! Say whaaaat!?

I can handle not being able to drop weights, but no kettle bells…that is just heart breaking!  Of course my idea fairy started flying and my creative problem solver side decided where there is a will there is a way and I was going to do kettle bell swings. Fortunately, I found a large dumbbell rack that had all kinds of weights on it that just lit me up with excitement and provided the solution: Dumbbell Kettle Bell Swings!

If you are in the Flat ABS program then you already know I absolutely love dumbbells and finding creative ways to use them like incorporating Active Rest and Supersets for extra intensity and to boost up the Fat Loss Benefits!

So today, I want to show you how you can do a Kettle Bell Swing with Dumbbells in your home, in your gym as your whole workout or if you want to add some extra intensity to your strength training program (ehh hemm Flat ABS ladies lol) then this is perfect!

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Ashley Drummonds 🙂