What would make you feel  more like a bad ass other than finishing an hour  long boxing session punching all of your frustrations and anger out on the heavy weight bag?!

Well, how about walking into the “guys” side of the gym jumping up on the pull up  bar and knocking out a set of pull ups and walking away. Boom!

You have to admit that would feel pretty amazing! However, I also know that for most girls pull-ups are something on their wish list instead of on their workout regimen simply because most women do not seem to be as strong in their upper body as they are in their lower body.

While this may be true for a lot, the good news is that you can actually train your body to change this. One of the reasons women tend to be a little stronger in our bottom half is because this is where we carry most of our weight so in turn it is usually where we can push the most weight. I am a firm believer in training your ENTIRE body equally so that not only are you properly proportioned, but you also keep your body and strength in balance by training the lower half just as hard as your upper half.

It is the push/pull method. If you only did exercises of pushing with your body (squats, push ups, should press, etc) and never pulled (Deadlifts, pull ups, biceps) then your body would be out of balance because so much exertion is only going to one half of your body’s ability!

While I was doing some cleaning up on the YouTube Channel recently, I came across this old video that I totally forgot about that shows you 5 Variations of how to progress into actually being able to do Pull Ups by working on a few different exercises.

I remember I made this video because I heard so many women saying:

“I wish I could do a pull up, but I can’t even hold myself up to the bar”

“I wish I was strong enough to do just one pull up”

“My upper body is just so weak I could never do that”

And it is not the fact that you can’t do a pull up or you are too weak to be able to…it’s just  matter of knowing what exercises to do on a regular basis to help you gain strength so that one day you CAN walk up to that pull up bar with confidence knowing you are strong enough to pull yourself up on the bar AND up in your life!

So in this video, you will see 5 Different Exercises that are variations of a Pull Up whether you are a beginner or an expert this will help you conquer and master that pull up bar! I would recommend doing these exercises at least once if not twice a week to really gain strength. Plus, these are also great for toning your back, arms and abs so it is a win-win!

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Love your body, love your life, you are Authentic-Beautiful & Strong Woman!

Ashley Drummonds

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