I hate running and even have an awesome tank top that I wear every time I workout to let the world know, but one thing that annoys me more than me having to run is when my mascara runs during the middle of my sweat session. I mean, I know I am in there to get an awesome workout in and not to look pretty, but let’s be honest…we want to look awesome while we workout!

Not just that, sometimes we do not have time to shower or do our makeup immediately after a workout and we end up looking like we just had a crying fest instead of an awesome workout because our mascara gets incredibly sweaty!

Well, the good news is I love makeup and I found a solution for this a long time ago…However, I didn’t realize that most ladies did not even know there are ways to prevent your mascara from smearing WITHOUT Having too wear waterproof mascara! (That stuff never comes off by the way!)

In today’s post, I decided to make a quick little video to show you my two favorite mascara’s to wear in the gym or even on a hot day to keep my mascara from running along with some tips you can do to make your eye makeup last longer without rubbing off…so come on with me into my living room and let’s talk about some ABS Beauty!

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Ashley Drummonds 🙂