Yesterday morning I woke up and the sun was shining, it was barely 70 degrees outside and not a cloud in the sky…it was an absolutely perfect weather day!! Days like this, I have a hard time doing a workout in a stuffy gym so instead decided to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and take the workout outside.

I also have been getting a few requests for ladies asking for workouts they can do at home or just to supplement the regular lifting regimen so I figured why not get creative!

With this workout, you do not need any equipment other then just  chair, a step, a park bench or just a wooden box. The rest of the exercises will only use your body weight.

Here is the way the workout will flow:

There are 5 exercises total and each exercises is to be performed for 10 reps. Once completing 10 reps of one exercise, immediately move on to the next exercise without any rest until you perform all 5 exercises back to back. This is called circuit training. After completing all 5 exercises for one time through, then rest for about 60 seconds and repeat the entire circuit again for 3 rounds total.

Your exercises are the following:

Box Jumps or Step Ups


Lunge Squat Lunge Combo

Tricep Dips


Head on over with me in the video below and I will demonstrate to you exactly how to perform each exercise in this workout properly!

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Ashley Drummonds