I believe for all of us (myself included) to keep sanity should have one day each week that we are allowed to be completely free. Free from responsibilities, “shoulds”, technology/social media, etc….so Saturday, was an off day for me….off my nutrition, off my workouts, off from business, and not sure I ever even left the living room from a movie marathon day! Well, I usually don’t do NOTHING very well…meaning to sit around and do nothing doesn’t work for me for very long before my creative  mind and the kid in me wants to play and do something.

After a few handstands, cartwheels, and headstands in the living room, I wanted to get some blood flowing in my legs after sitting on my butt movie after movie and did these 5 exercises just to help with  my need to constantly move….and while doing it, I actually realized I started to sweat a little and my booty and legs were on fire!

Well, since all of the awesome Facebook fans comment and email me asking “Ashley, what can I do at home to tone my legs and reduce cellulite? What can I do outside the gym?” I thought AHA! This is it! So I present to you, the perfect 5 at home leg and booty exercises that will give those lovely curves of yours a nice burn and lift 🙂

We will be doing 10 Reps of Each Exercise back to back as a circuit for a total of 3 Rounds! That means you Perform exercise 1 x 10 reps then immediately exercise 2 x 10 reps….and so on until you complete all  of the exercises one time through which equals 1 round. Take a 60 second break in between then perform 2 more additional times!

Come join me in my sweatpants and my off days we play around in the bedroom and check out my top 5 Favorite Leg and Butt Exercises in this video!

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Ashley Drummonds