I recently was talking to one of my best friend’s who I have known since I was about 11 years old (way before you are ever concerned about your life purpose or living up to your fullest potential and your only concerned was who was coming over after school)…anyways, I was talking to her because the 30 marker was coming right around the corner for her and she was having a minor, well more of a major freak out moment because her life doesn’t look at all the way she thought it would at 30. She hadn’t accomplished any of her goals, been in the relationship she wanted, the job she wanted, and she thought her life would be so much different by the time she got to 30 and now she’s here asking herself What am I doing with my life? Feeling so behind as if she should be further along then she is at 30…

Kylie and CHristina

Oh, how many times have we had this conversation with ourselves. Is this all there is to life? Should I just start thinking about settling down now? Maybe I really should start thinking about what I want to be or do with my life to make an impact on society as a whole, but wait I have no idea what that is!? And I want to be in a career, but I’ve been at the same job for 10 years and don’t even know where to start with a different career! And so the conversation continues in our head…

While drinking some wine, after some tears, some “f” bombs, and about 2 hours of going back and forth my friend was finally able to get to a good place and I will tell you the same things I told her:

  • First, there is no where to get to. This magical place that you keep striving and aiming towards that you think holds all of your hopes, dreams and happiness is an illusion and a distraction instead of living in the present moment right now. When we put off our happiness and fulfillment to some moment in the future when we accomplish something in the future or when something happens in life we give away our power and responsibility to be happy and accomplished in the present moment and it is nothing more than a distraction from the truth…and this is the truth: You are 100% responsible for the way your life looks and how happy you are…no one else. Once you own that responsibility, you are then forced to make the necessary changes in your life to start living it the way you want instead of blaming time, fear, circumstances and other people for not having it.
  • Second, you are living your purpose every single day. Your purpose is who you are in this world in every moment. For example, when you show kindness to a stranger in the store when someone else might show frustration is part of your purpose….how you are in this world, this life, your friendships, your relationships, right now is part of your purpose because you bring something to each one of those areas that ONLY YOU can do. Only you can impact and touch people in the way that you do with your personality, your story, your point of view, your  passions and your understanding.
  • Third, the beautiful thing about life is there is no time line or some list of things we have to get to before a certain time or else we end up being huge failures. These timelines (married before 30, first kid before 35, 30k in the bank by 20xx, must be settled down and committed to some career by this age), those are self imposed partially through our own ego and upbringing then partially through society. I believe that goals are great to have when it is to help better yourself, but not to the point that it makes you feel horrible about your life if you do not accomplish them. P.s. if you don’t get to it all in this life, you’ll get to it in the next one so chill out lol

So here is my challenge to you (and to my friend), for one full week release all rules, timelines, expectations, and trust that your soul will give you exactly what you need to do in each moment so not only does it force you to appreciate every moment life gives you, but also it teaches you to make your own list of things you want to do with your life based on each day…not by your friends, upbringing, coach, significant other, or anyone else.

(It helps if you do the challenge with a friend so share this with your best friend to do it with you!)

Be yourself….there’s only one of you and who are you brings so much value to everyone in your life and who comes across your path.

Love yourself….you can only give away what you have within yourself so learn to love and appreciate your journey and it will be that much easier to love and appreciate others’ individual journey.

To make it as simple as possible, Your purpose in life is to love it and love the people that go through life with you. It is that simple. The labels of careers, mom, dad, wife, husband, entrepreneur, student, etc are all just avenues of how you can love it…..That’s it.

When you start to question if you are making a difference in life, refer back to this and trust that even you reading this is making a huge difference in mine so thank you for being a part of this journey! 🙂

Ashley 🙂

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