I’ll be honest, lately I have been more than stressed and usually there are very few things other then a killer workout and a delicious wine that helps with that (oh and meditation of course)…so recently I did a lifting session for probably over an hour which is quite a while if you are new to the lifting world. However, I finished it off with a Total Body Giant Set to Kick my butt even more and really get rid of some frustration.

If you are brand new to what  Giant Set is…here is the simplest way to explain it: It is 3+ exercises back to back without rest. So kind of like a superset where normally you do 2 exercises back to back, but GIANT 🙂 Normally, you would perform your giant sets at the start of your workout, not the end like I did since they are such full body lifts. However, today I felt like pushing myself a little bit more with this Giant Set that also includes some Olympic Lifts in it.

Fat Loss for Women

With this workout you an either do just this Giant Set as your whole workout (trust me it’ll be plenty) or you can do it at the end of your workout if you are feeling extra crazy like I did. So today, check out the total body giant set and give it a try!

Barbell complexes (what you will find in this video), are the best way to tone your total body because each move requires you to incorporate every muscle group instead of isolating just one muscle group. For example, in this video you will see a power clean which literally incorporates your back, legs, butt, shoulders, and abs all in one move!

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Ashley Drummonds