Box jumps can be one of the best exercises you do to:

  • Improve your strength
  • Transform your legs
  • Boost Fat Loss

However, I know it can also be one of the scariest things to do as well so this article is here to help you understand the basics of how to perform a box jump properly to incorporate into your lean workout program while also helping you conquer that fear of jumping and missing the box.

I used to be so scared of box jumps and the funny thing is so many clients and readers send me e-mails asking for alternatives because they don’t want to face plant while jumping (well it’s possible that you will, as I did in the pic below!) Box jumps are an excellent exercise to tone your legs and booty while also building your muscular endurance, but I get it… sometimes it’s scary trusting that you are going to catch yourself up on that box.

Well the truth is, sometimes you won’t. Sometimes you will jump and completely miss the bench and be “that person” in the gym who face planted on box jumps in front of everyone. The good news is, it is ok! Even the best of us face plant and screw up! Shoot, I write for Oxygen Magazine and I still face planted in the gym today on box jumps. The point is nobody is perfect and no one expects you to be perfect so go easy on yourself not just in your workouts, but also in life.

Here are my best instructions for whether you are doing box jumps for the first time or have been doing them and want to improve:

  1. Choose a safe height. When starting out your best bet is to take baby steps with either a low step, the edge of a side walk, or a low bench just so you get used to the jumping up onto something part down. Once you feel comfortable with that you can use something the height of a park bench or a weight bench.
  2. Perform a few squat jumps prior to the box jump to warm your legs up and get the explosive movement in your legs.
  3. Use your arms to help propel you in conjunction with your squat. In a swinging motion (as you see in the image below) let your arms and legs be all one big explosive movement.
  4. Start in a deep squat position then explode up while tucking your knees to your chest to get up on the box. (The higher you left your knees the less likely you are to catch the bench too short).
  5. When you land on the box, catch yourself in a squatting position with soft knees on the balls of your feet (As seen in the image below).
  6. Have confidence in yourself. Anything that you have never done before can be scary, but trying it once and conquering that fear will empower you in your workouts and in life.

Box jump

Sometimes fear is our biggest obstacle…the fear of doing something keeps us from even trying until we do it and realize the fear only exists in our minds. For years, I was scared of box jumps…why? Not because I thought I would face plant, but because I have a competitive nature and I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to jump as high as others who have been doing it for years so I just never did it.

However, one day I realized how stupid it was that I was comparing what I can do to what everyone else was doing instead of just focusing on being the BEST ME….so I just went for and I made it!

Same is true for business and any other area in your life. I had (and still feel like most days) I have no idea what I am doing, BUT I made a choice a long time ago that I was willing to step outside of my comfort zone knowing it would take me closer to my goals and what I wanted.

The truth is that everyone has fear, everyone has set backs, and everyone gets bruised up by life here and there…you just have to get back up and keep going. The more you push through fear the more it’ll push back at first, but once you break down that wall and have unshakable confidence that you CAN make it, you CAN take care of yourself, you ARE Strong enough, and you ARE fully capable of accomplishing anything you can dream then the world will open up to you!

So today, I was in Tampa, FL doing a quick workout at a hotel gym and decided to throw some box jumps into my workout. I was fully confident in my abilities as I have done them hundreds of times…however, this time…I was “that girl” who face planted in the gym and completely missed the bench and yes it hurt like hell! But ya know what, I sat there for a second both humiliated and in pain then got right back up and finished my set of box jumps and didn’t let the fear of falling again keep me from going and I want you today the same!

As promised, here is the pic below that I took LITERALLY 30 seconds after I face planted…I bruised up immediately and sliced my finger open…but I didn’t allow fear or pain to stop me from doing what I want. I got back up and did about 10 more box jumps with an awesome workout! So…don’t worry take a chance on something and I promise you will survive even if you do have a few bumps along the way 🙂



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