What are the top 3 things you think of every girl wants? Well from my years in training women, it would be: Awesome legs/butt, toned arms, and flat abs!

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Some of us are blessed with the perfect genes and others of us have to work for it. Some girls came out of the womb looking like J-Lo and others come out working every single day to build a booty and curves. However, the awesome thing about strength training and resistance training is when you know your goals, it is easy to build and shape specific parts of your body exactly how you want. Every female that asks me how to change their body, they always get the same answer…weights and resistance training change your body. When incorporated with cardio you get heart health, endurance and stress relief. By the way, just a rule of thumb if your goal is to build your overall endurance then you want to perform your cardio portion of your workout BEFORE your lifting session. If your goal is overall fat loss, you want to perform cardio AFTER your lifting session.

Anyways, back to the butt! So how do you get that firm tight booty you see all the girls on Oxygen, Shape, and/or in your gym in those little shorts that appear to be firm and cellulite free? You train your butt with specific exercises to look like that. As hard as it may be to believe, those ladies did not come out of the womb with a butt or legs like that!

One of my favorite butt shaping and lifting exercises is the Glute Kickback on the cable machine because not only does it firm and tone your booty, but it also works your hamstring and stabilizer muscles as well. Your Gluteus Maximus aka your booty is the largest muscle group in your body. So often people assume you can only work on your butt one day a week, but this muscle group can literally be trained every day if you really want. Whatever body part or muscle group you want to improve the most, sometimes that takes training is more than once a week. For example, I always perform a strength training routine for my legs twice a week since this is an area that is typically difficult for women to lose fat in.

So I invite you to come into the gym as I demonstrate exactly how to perform a glute cable kick back and start shaping your booty the way you want it!

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Ashley Drummonds