I was sitting at Barnes and Noble in San Diego, Ca a few weeks ago super excited about some new recipes and big stuff happening with the ABS Protein Pancake line and I got an email from a friend of a very large protein bar company and all the e-mail said was “Thought you would find this interesting..”. I was slightly confused and figured maybe it was an article or some business topic, but when I opened the email it was just that message with a link. I noticed the name of the website it was linked to was the name of another friend’s website (who also has a very large protein company) so I clicked on it to see what this email was all about.

Upon opening the link it took me to a new product line that was being launched of a clean and healthy multi-purpose protein powder with recipes specifically pertaining to protein pancakes. I kind of just sat there and stared at the computer a little surprised and confused. I e-mailed my friend who sent the link back and said “Wow, I don’t know what to say”…and his response was “To me, it means you are on the right path and a competitor sees that you found a niche…” I closed my computer feeling slightly defeated and hurt at this while trying not to take it personal. She had helped me with a lot of stuff in getting things lined up for the ABS line so I was confused as to what the point was just to create her own. I started writing, looking within trying to figure out where in the world did this come from and what does this mean for me and my business?!

Has that happened to you? You do everything right in a situation or in a relationship and all of a sudden something comes along and you feel cheated by life saying “What the hell! I was/am doing everything right!”

The good news is that this happens to everyone so you are not alone, but it is so easy to immediately take it personally as if you are doing something wrong or just got dealt a bad hand. The truth is that in life we are all given free will as a choice in every situation aside from listening to our intuition or gut instinct as to what the “right” thing to do would be. We all have egos that sometimes speak louder than our conscious and we end up acting out of our egos. The result: we create competition, us vs. them mindsets, the idea of never having or being enough, fear, insecurities etc.

In the story I told you I recently dealt with, it was simply an act of free will of the business friend. I stayed on my path and was minding my business and poof this situation occurred. While I did at first look at myself assuming life was punishing me for something or I was inadequate in some way, I quickly shifted my perception and reminded myself that me being angry or bitter will in no way help me move forward towards my goals and that this person was acting out of their own self and my only responsibility in life ever is to send love and be love.

Now, that is so much easier said then done, but the more you practice it the easier it gets when you stop taking things that happen to you as a reflection of you and realize they are ONLY a reflection of the other person. How they treat you is not a reflection of you and your worth, it is a reflection of who they are and how they value themselves. As the saying goes, Appreciate the beauty in others and you will be beautiful. Listen to others and you will be heard. Give love and you will be loved.

Even in situations of relationships that you have been cheated, I can relate to this as well, it is so difficult to see past the wrong and hurt you are experiencing when you gave so much love to someone, but just remember that Hurting people Hurt people. Very rarely will you see someone who is filled with love and fulfillment in their own life lashing out and acting in a way that hurts someone close to them. Why? Because all they have within them is love and happiness so all they can give is love and happiness. Those who have yet to deal with their own hurt, insecurities, rejection, all they can give out to you and life (*until they deal with it) is hurt, rejection, and insecurities.

If you have a similar situation or have ever felt “cheated by life”, do not take it personally and know that the way other people treat you is a reflection of themselves…not you.

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Happy Monday!