Remember a while back when I talked to you about breaking plateau’s and getting through temptations by having a clear map of your goals and visualizing what success looks like to you? Well, this time of year it is especially important to have a plan or else with all the holidays and events that come around, you will fall easily into temptation. Plus, without any support system in place it is pretty much you by yourself trying to stay focused and getting in your workouts.

fat loss

The good news is that this is actually a common problem with many people and a lot of you have emailed me asking for help with this which is what inspired me to get something going to help all of us through this with the group coaching program!

Two things for you today, I will show you first, a secret that led me to getting abs for the first time and secondly, I Have a video showing you exactly how to perform burpees so that you are getting a total body burn with each rep along with a workout to incorporate them into it.

By the way, I recently got an email asking about my online coaching program and basically what you need to do about the program is it involves intense and physique transforming layouts that I personally use in my own training regimen so I know how hard to push you and the results you will get from it. You’ll work with me and a group of like-minded people to ‘challenge and change your physique’ by being a part of the private coaching FaceBook Group. I’m super excited about it!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The purpose of this coaching is to CHALLENGE and IMPROVE your current fitness level (obviously).
  • We’ll undertake challenging workouts together, but the challenges are totally scalable – you are competing with YOURSELF.
  • You’ll get a program for 4 weeks.
  • You’ll be ACCOUNTABLE to me and the group for your daily training.
  • I’m looking for people with similar goals because this is the ‘secret sauce’ to making things work.
  • We’ll address your nutrition needs with a doable plan. (Your physique WILL change – for most of you that means FAT LOSS.)
  • As for nutrition – you’ll get a proven plan, get support and report in daily.
  • You need to be able to commit to this process for 90 days.
  • You need to be SERIOUS about your goals.
  • This coaching plan will get you through plateau’s and mental blocks to guarantee your success
  • If you think that this is something that you’d like to get in, then you can apply HERE.

Enrollment is limited, the program is now more than half full.

I’m asking for applications and screening carefully to ensure that everyone is a good fit for the program. I won’t invite you into the group if I don’t think you can benefit. ‘Peer pressure’ is a good thing in this kind of group, so in addition to being accountable to ME, you’ll have the group on your case. This is the ‘secret sauce’ to success.

If you want to work together for 90 days with other like minded people to help you meet your fitness and fat loss goals, then fill in the application.

It’s a 90 day commitment.

Anyone who says, ‘oh but I don’t know if I Have time’, or ‘I can’t train I am not ready to be held accountable by others’ – this is NOT for you. This group will FIND A WAY to train and eat reasonably so that you’ll conquer your training and weight issues through everything in these 90 days.

The total ONE-TIME investment is $47 for all 90 days and a one-time investment is the only option. This shows me you’re really serious this time, which is the only people I want to work with.

Click on the link below to and I’ll see you on the other side. And at the end of the next 90 days, you’re going to look and feel completely different. Just imagine it – looking and feeling your best ever this year in just 90 days!

Click here to apply for the Elite Coaching Program


 And onto the workout for today…

My clients have a love hate relationship with burpees and pretty much know that if a week has gone by where you haven’t done a burpee in your workout then it is coming very soon. Burpees are awesome because they burn so much fat by working your entire body in one exercise! For a lot of my clients I suggest doing burpees as part of your active rest. Active rest is simply working your body without lifting weights so you are still burning calories and getting in serious cardio while allowing your body to rest from the actual lifting portion of the workout.


EXERCISE                                                                              Set #1                        Set #2                       Set #3

Superset:                                                                                     XX                             XX                             XX

Barbell Sumo Squat to Upright Row: 3 sets of 8 reps
Mountain Climbers: 3 sets of 1:00


Superset:                                                                                    XX                             XX                               XX

Barbell Squat to Press: 3 sets of 8 reps
Jump Rope: 3 sets of 1:00


Superset:                                                                                   XX                             XX                                XX

1 Arm Dumbbell Clean: 3 sets of 8 reps (each side)
Split Lunge Jumps Body Weight: 3 sets of 1:00


Superset:                                                                                   XX                              XX                                XX

Barbell Dead Lifts: 3 sets of 8 reps
Underhand Cable Pulldown: 3 sets of 15 reps


Burpees: 3 sets of 15 reps

Here is a simply video on how to perform a burpee

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Ashley Drummonds 🙂