Kettlebell workouts are one of the newer craze’s to come into the market for fat loss, strength training and overall muscle performance. I think they are a great tool to incorporate into your regular strength training routine, but what do you do if you do not have a kettlebell? (Don’t worry I don’t own any either)….

Simply incorporate a Dumbbell in place of your kettlebell. It works the exact same way you just have to switch it up with the group. You will get the exact same fat burning benefits and core workout with the dumbbell as you will with the kettlebell without having to go purchase a new piece of equipment!

Try out this KB workout either as a full workout or as a quick HIIT Cardio session at the end of your lifting routine:

20 KB Swings
1 Arm KB Snatch (1o each side)
Burpees (10)

3 rounds as fast as you can go. Like I said, use a Dumbbell if you do not have a kettle bell. The benefit of performing this at the end of a lifting session is it forces your muscles to engage in your Fast Twitch muscle fibers which are used for short power moves instead of endurance which is another awesome way to train your body and continue breaking through plateau’s.

Here is a video demonstrating exactly how you can do a KettleBell Swing using a dumbbell!

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