Here is a little story into your passions and what your purpose might be…

I love wine and I love my friends and when you put those two together I am on cloud nine and full of high vibrations feeling nothing, but positive energy. For my birthday, I met up with three of my closest friends for sushi and wine and I felt like I was going to a slumber party because I was so excited just to see these three ladies and spend time with them. We all sit down, and decide we are going to share a bottle between all four of us over dinner. The first bottle of wine goes smoothly and conversation follows the course of “I miss you! Tell me what is going on in your world? How is _____? I am so happy for you! How was _______?” It is the usual catching up and regular chatting of life and diving into each other’s worlds to connect.

Before we know it, oh look our bottle is empty we only had one glass each why yes let’s order another and share it all!

Conversation dives a little deeper on bottle number two with things pertaining more to our goals, our pursuits, the exciting stuff that is going on and we are passed the surface catching up talk….

Oh look, our bottle is empty again why yes of course let’s order another and share that one too!

By this point, the conversation is passed the Hi How are you, no  longer is it our to-do list and goals, and it is flat out I love you’s, you are amazing, life is incredible, I get into this super deep conversation about how you can do anything and your dreams are meant to be filled so keep going because life needs your dreams and I turn into this self-help/motivational/Tony Robbins/love drunk. Quite honestly, this happens every time…it wasn’t a fluke because we all missed each other or because we were just having a good day….this is the course the conversation always goes.

What does this have to do with your passion is your purpose?

The thing I found out is that not everyone does this (what, not everyone is a love drunk?). Correct, but no I mean not everyone wants to wake up at 5:50am every morning and write articles and stories about how you can do and be anything you want. Not everyone has too much wine and wants to inspire people to live their dreams, to live to their fullest, to let go of the fear and trust their gut. I do though. When my inhibitions are completely gone, all I want to do is hug people and tell them how amazing and beautiful they are while empowering them to do that thing they never imagined they could do then see the confidence they get from doing it! That is truly my passion and that is why I write these articles and e-mails to you every week. It did not become my purpose until I realized how much time I spent talking, writing, thinking, dreaming about inspiring and helping people then a light bulb went off that said hmm…maybe this is what I have been trying to find this whole time and I was already doing it!

The same is true for you. Your passion is your purpose. Our jobs and our roles we play are all forms of that passion, but ultimately they all reflect the same purpose. In fitness and in business, I want to help people have the body and confidence they want while living the life of their dreams=purpose of inspiring and empowering people they can do and be anything they want. I did not realize this till recently when I always assumed your purpose had to be a specific career or thing. This sounds so simple, but really how often have you done that?

You have a passion that I do not have. You may absolutely love cooking, gardening, service work, animals, music, writing, etc whatever it may be that is your purpose. We have this misconception and what keeps us from ever achieving our goals is the belief that everyone has the same passion  as we do and with that many people you have to compete which inevitably you will fall short.

The reality is: Only you do what you do exactly how you do it. No one can write like me because this is my voice, my thoughts, how I channel my passion, and my unique way of doing it. No one can sing the way you sing, parent the way you parent, cook like you cook, garden, sew, entertain/host, create, photograph, or whatever it is you do simply  because it is you doing it.

I thought everyone wanted to own their own business and inspire the world and I always believed their was a limited space of how many people could do that because I thought that was what everyone wanted to do…then I started talking about my passions and dreams more and found out that actually….not a whole lot of people care to do that. Awesome! Because guess what, I have no desire to be the world’s greatest cook, gardener, realtor, architect, doctor, or secretary so there ya go there’s one less competitor.

Your purpose is your passion which is why it is such a strong desire in you and not everyone else. The key in all of it is learning to trust that passion and using it to help better the world. Let go of what no longer brings you joy and love and start living the life you desire because you are meant to live a full and amazing love doing things you love with people you love.

Happy Monday!

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