It is incredibly ironic that I actually have rules for myself because with everything else I am a believer that there are no rules for life…you make up your own. You wont get anywhere if you follow everyone else’s rules…no one in history every became infamous for following rules and neither should you if you really want to live an original and Authentic life. Every day I wake up and I take a look at my TO-Do list which is basically a few pieces of paper that have been scribbled all over with  notes and tasks to get done to reach goals for business, for clients, for dreams, and hobbies. Well, here is what happens a lot of times: I write out these tasks with the intention of crossing them off the list and starting a new list the next day after I kick ass and conquer that one….However, the reality is I usually do a few things on the list and I end up just re-writing the list for the next day then the next day then the next day and I have items on there that have made it on the list for weeks and I never do them. Has this ever happened to you?

Here’s a recent example, a few Weeks ago I wrote down “Book Flights Home For Christmas”…guess what, today that is still on my to do list “Book Flights Home For Christmas” and it keeps getting pushed off again and again. Why? Not because it is not a priority and I don’t care. Not because I don’t want to go home for the holidays and see my friends and family…it is simply  because I am 100% focused on tackling my business and client list. I know you’re probably thinking ok that’s awesome why is this a problem that you are conquering your goals and you just keep forgetting to book flights home?

Here’s the problem, there has to be a balance. Goals, dreams, ambitions, whether it’s in your relationships, your fitness or your career it is important. However, if you do not balance that with other things that fill you with  love, joy and happiness like your favorite past times, the people you love, and the holidays then you will miss the whole purpose of what life is all about.

The same is also true: You can be so focused on your  hobbies, and relationships that you forget to actually get s*** done and you aren’t hitting the business, career and fitness goals that you want. You have to make a list of your priorities that allows you to have a healthy balance of both!

I am guilty of putting all of my attention and energy into work and sometimes I neglect to actually shut off work mode so that I also get the friendships, relationship, and passions in my life.

So here are 5 rules that I live by to Accomplish Any Goal In Life:

1. Nourish your soul. The more I nourish my soul and listen to my inner voice and intuition by living in the present moment the easier life seems to work harmoniously for me in all aspects. For me this means taking time to write, to read, to be outside, to sit in silence and to engage in music. We each have an inner guidance call it God, intuition, spirit, whatever word works for you, but this guidance can only be heard when we slow down and drowned out the noise of everything else around us. Sometimes I personally can be so busy…well being busy…that any time I start to feel “off”, down, distracted, or not motivated I know it is because I haven’t taken the time to nourish my soul which is the most important part of life. I also do this by meditating regularly even if it is just 5 minutes of practicing being fully in the present moment that really is what meditation is all about…connecting to the present moment.

2. Every night write out or repeat your “mantra” of what you want to accomplish as if it has already happened. I stick by this firmly! I can’t stress this enough that in order to truly accomplish anything you have to first get your head right and by that I mean your thoughts and how you see yourself must reflect everything you want to become. You may have a goal to make 6 figures next year, but do you train your thoughts every day to make that happen. Are you telling yourself “I make 6 figures” or “one day I will make 6 figures”. Your brain literally releases a chemical into your body that reflects in the physical world whatever your thought is at that moment. For example, if you are thinking of how tired you are and how you don’t have any time, isn’t it ironic how tired you feel and how much time you don’t have? You end up finding excuses for just HOW TIRED you are and can’t do anything. I guarantee you though if you started to change your thinking to reflect things like “I always have plenty of energy. My body is strong and gives me plenty of fuel throughout the day. I feel great and my body feels awesome. I know my body can do anything and I may have slept bad last night, but I also know I have plenty of energy to do the things I want to do.” Don’t you already feel more energized!? For a time of about 6 months, I have a folder of what I call my “Dream Book” and in it are pages of pictures of my dream life except that reflect my life as it is now. Every morning (or night) I would pull out this Dream Book and flip through the pictures as if I was enjoying the memories and reflecting on things that have already happened in my life, feeling each moment, and visualizing what it looked like to me. When I look back at the end of each year and evaluate where my life is at, it still never ceases to amaze me everything that has manifested from this simple exercise. I once heard someone say “Making a million dollars was the easiest thing I ever did….believing I was a millionaire and acting as if is the hardest part”. This couldn’t be more true because we are so mentally conditioned to think a certain way that the most work that will ever happen in your life is the internal shifts that are necessary for you to accomplish your weight loss, career, personal, or relationship goals.

3. Have a Shut Off time. This one I find extremely important because I could easily work all day and all night if it means I am one step closer to my goals. I am known to work at breakfast and dinner with my food and computer in front of me while also sitting in bed working away. I love what I do which is why it doesn’t bother me. However, if I am always “on” I never give my brain and body time to recover and come up with new fresh ideas. I have a Shut Off time now that after 6:30/7 the computer goes off and work mode shuts down and I spend time reading or spend time talking to friends or on a date night. I also make Sundays my “Soulful Sundays”. On this day, no work is allowed at all and it is meant as time for me to do something for my soul so I spend it with people I love, doing things I love and being outside. Also, this should be unspoken but any time you are at dinner, at the movies, in any way spending quality time with family and friends…this should be shut off time.

4. Exercise every day even if it is just a light walk and stretching. I used to follow an exercise program of about 3x a week and it worked fine for a while, but then I started implementing some sort of exercise every single day and business, my confidence and relationships took a positive turn. Exercising on a daily basis is something I recommend not just for the physical benefits of it, but for the mental and emotional benefits as well. Majority of the time if I am dealing with stress with business or if I am having a disagreement in a relationship, I will walk away from the argument and go get an awesome lifting session in that allows me to release stress, be in the present moment and just focus on taking care of myself, but also I get to go conquer something (my workout) and then come back to these situations with a much better state of mind to come up with a creative solution or to simply just wave the white flag and choose peace. Not ever day is an hour long heavy lifting session, but most days are simply because I enjoy how much stronger I feel afterwards. If you prefer something else then do something else, but just do SOMETHING every day.

5. Take massive action! No matter how much you dream, write, repeat, exercise, and believe in yourself, if you don’t take any action from any of it then you will be wasting your time and will accomplish nothing. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the New Year’s weight loss resolutions and the huge ambitions to lose 50 lbs and compete in a bikini competition, but then when I ask what their plan is to accomplish that…I hear crickets…silence. Dreaming is amazing and I of all people love hearing people’s dreams and want to inspire them to go after them. Dreams without action though will stay dreams.

Let’s say your goal is to lose weight-Here is how you would start taking action: How many days a week will you work out? What gym will you go to? Did you get your membership? Have you hired a personal trainer to hold you accountable and to set you up on a plan? What time every day will you workout so that it becomes a new habit? Will you do it alone or will you have a support system of people who will lose weight too? Have you printed out the ideal body you would like to have to use as visualization and to train your brain to see yourself as the person you are working on becoming? Do you have your mantras in place to repeat and to start thinking like a “fit” person would think? In what time frame will you reach your goal?

In every goal you have in life, simply take one step each day towards that direction and before you know it you will have the life of your dreams. Also, continue reading articles like this and from others who are taking action and creating the life, body and business of their dreams to keep you inspired and to continue reminding you that you are capable and it is possible.

The world is your playing field and it is up to you to decide whether you will sit the bench or become the mvp in your own life. Believe in yourself-Everything you want is on the other side of the fear that you can’t have it…break through that fear and open yourself up to the life you deserve.

Ashley Drummonds


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