Every time I go to the grocery store I buy pretty much the same foods every single week because there are staple items that I believe should always be included in your  nutrition in some way…except for recently I’ve been on this bacon kick! (Well, I am always on a bacon kick but this week has been insane!).

Some people call it routine and boring, I call it disciplined and results driven. Basically, I  know how I want to feel and look so I eat accordingly.

I was not always this way though, I used to just grab whatever was quick and easy regardless of nutrition OR I believed that you had to eat just a bunch of veggies and chicken in order to lose weight which I am not a chicken fan at all so that didn’t work!

However, I now have found my 5 Top Foods that seem to keep me pretty close to my nutrition and keep me on track for healthy eating (ps if you want my nutrition plan that I use for myself you can check it out here) . Anyways, Perhaps you have heard that you should always shop the outer aisles of the grocery store and this is particularly true if your goal is to reduce your body fat % while providing your body with healthy nutrients.

One of the reasons being is because the outside aisles of the grocery store consist of what? Produce (Fruits and veggies), Meats and Proteins, Milks and Eggs,and frozen veggies (with the exception of the aisle that has things like brown rice, quinoa, oats, etc). Nutrition is really that simple because you have to think of consuming things that are in their most natural forms. I heard Erin Stern once refer to it as eating only one ingredient foods for example, everything I just listed literally the only ingredient is what the product actually is…Oats are just oats…Chicken is just chicken…broccoli is just broccoli…make sense? If you do consume something that is pre-packaged you want to keep the ingredient list to only things that are natural and that have less than 10 ingredients is my rule of thumb.

Top 5 Foods for Weight Loss

The Top 5 Things that are almost ALWAYS in my grocery cart would be these:

I am sure that you have heard that you should consume all of the colors of the food rainbow and it is true because it means you are getting a wide variety of all the nutrients you need. (Check out the chart to help you figure out what ratios of each food to consume)



I personally do not eat a ton of meat and I get most of my protein source from egg whites or the pancakes, but these are always  my go to simply because it’s a combo of complex carbs, lean protein, healthy fats, and veggies. If there is nothing else in  my fridge or pantry I can always consume some combo of these Top 5 Foods and stay pretty slim and fit.

Everyone has a  preference and your top 5 list may be completely different from mine if you consume more chicken and ground turkey or if you prefer brown rice over whole oats…

It truly comes down to figuring a routine out that works for you and your lifestyle+taste. I find that if I give myself too many options then I fall off track easier because I have to put way too much thinking into what I am eating instead of just following a plan. This is also true with workouts…it is so much easier if you have a structured workout laid out before going into the gym to just get in a solid workout that helps increase your endurance, strength and metabolism and is structured for your goals then to just walk in the gym and fiddle fart around spending 3 hours doing nothing when it could have taken you half that time.

Anyways there you have it, there are what I would say are the Top 5 Foods to work towards your Bikini Body and to Slim Down that I also structure through my own nutrition and my girls in the Flat ABS for Women Meal Planning.

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Ashley 🙂