Ladies, I get e-mails every day asking the one big question….How Do I Slim Down and Tone My Thighs!?

Well you have heard me preach how lunges, squats, dead lifts and all those traditional big lifts are important for toning your legs all over, but there is one specific exercise that I ALWAYS recommend and I do for myself to help target and tone my inner thighs to make them nice and toned. (And no it’s not the crazy pilates resistance band that you wrap around your legs and do 100 reps of) 🙂

As I have said before, when you do resistance training exercises you are replacing fat for lean muscle so if you are doing cardio to try and tone your thighs you will get to a plateau very quickly because you are not doing anything to actually transform the fat you are simply reducing weight. Lean muscle tissue burns more calories at rest then fat so why not tone your thighs and boost your resting metabolic rate with some resistance training exercises!

inner thigh

So this inner thigh muscle, which we usually call “the flabby part” is connected to a lot of larger muscle groups such as the hamstring (back or the leg) and the quadriceps (front of the leg). The beautiful thing about the sumo squat exercise (which I will explain how to do), is it requires you to engage both of these muscle groups at the same time which results in your Sartorius muscle aka inner thigh being full worked out!

If you are a beginner you will want to do just 12-15 body weight reps, but if you are used to regular resistance training then you can incorporate a dumbbell or a kettle bell with this move for some added resistance. So join me in the gym below and check out the #1 Exercise I am talking about!

P.s. this is also part of the Flat ABS for Women leg day exercises to help tone and firm up the thighs!

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Ashley Drummonds