I recently posted a picture on Facebook when I was playing around in the gym and doing handstands and got so many e-mails saying “Ashley, how do I do that!? I want to be able to do stuff like this!” As funny as it sounds, it really is not as difficult as you think and it is all about technique. If you can do a handstand against a wall then you can do a 1-Arm Handstand you just have to know how to balance yourself, engage your core, and get a strong foundation. Well, again as I promised whatever questions you send in with your e-mails I will answer them so since this was a popular e-mail I received I figured I’d just make this video to give you guys some tips on what exercises you can do to help strengthen your shoulders to do handstands in general; specific things to focus on in your handstands; and lastly I show you exactly how to do a 1-Arm Handstand.

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