Everyone is always incredibly motivated at the start of any new routine. You visualize what your  new body will look like, how you’ll feel, what clothes you’ll wear, and how much more energy you have, but when you don’t see those results within the first couple months it is common to get discouraged and lose motivation. One of the biggest e-mail topics I receive from clients is simply asking for help staying motivated and being accountable to their workouts and nutrition so I figured I would just let you all know my top 10 ways that help me stick to the program.


  1. Do your workout in reverse. A lot of times routine can get boring and this is part of the reason it becomes difficult to feel motivated. The irony is…your body feels the same way which is why you may no longer feel sore or challenged because your muscles have adapted. One simple switch is just to start backwards with your workout. For example, whatever the last exercise usually is that you do to end your routine, use that as the start to your workout and you will shock your  muscles along with your brain to stay focused.
  2. Re-write or write down your fitness goals and why it is a priority to you to keep you focused on why you even started the program to begin with. Keep this list somewhere you can see every day so when you lose motivation you can remember why you started in the first place.
  3. Try out a new sport, exercise, or workout. If you always lift then walk on the treadmill, try doing a boxing class, spinning class, or do your lifting then do your cardio outside to get some fresh air. Switch it up so you don’t become too familiar with your workouts to the point that you lose interest.
  4. Reward yourself. Set mini goals for yourself to get in the habit of reaching goals regularly. For example, set a goal to workout for at least 30 minutes 3x this week and when you hit that goal reward yourself with a pedicure, a massage, a new book, a new outfit, or anything that makes you feel like it was worth working toward so that way you will continually set new goals that you want to reach.
  5. Get a workout buddy or sign up for introductory training sessions to find out new ways to work different muscle groups. Most gyms, when you first join offer 2-3 intro training sessions or if you are a regular member and mention it to them will probably let you do a free session to get a feel for it starting out.
  6. Step outside the box. Get crazy! Try something that always seemed fun for you or you saw someone else do, but never thought you could. For example, I can’t stand being on cardio equipment for longer than 20 minutes or I get bored so usually I’ll take a jump rope, a kettle bell or weighted medicine ball over to the treadmill with me and do intervals of 30 seconds running on the treadmill then jump off and do KB Swings for 30 seconds then back on for 30 seconds then jump off and do jumping jacks for 30 seconds. Don’t be afraid to do something different then everyone else. You might look crazy, but hey at least you won’t get bored!
  7. Have a lazy day. I know this sounds counterintuitive and it may work for you or it might not, but for me this always works! If there is a day where I literally just sit around and do nothing active all day, by the next day it’ll drive me nuts and I am dying to get in the gym, outside or something just to get some blood flowing and to work my muscles. However, if you already sit around on a regular basis then I don’t suggest this…you need to do the opposite and replace the time you would normally sit and watch tv as time to go walk or do something productive.
  8. Make new friends. This one is huge! If you have a hard time motivating yourself and this is a new program for you, but your friends and family aren’t as concerned about making positive health changes in their lives then it will be equally as hard for you to stick to your program because the people around you re not motivated either. Find a meetup group of fitness or active people who have interest that you like or participate in group fitness classes so you are surrounded by other people who are working towards similar goals!

These are some of the ways I am ale to stay motivated and focused on my health and fitness and a lot of the same tips I give to my clients. Bottom line is your health and fitness goals are exactly that…they are YOURS so it is up to you to motivate yourself because it is important to you regardless of anyone else. Stay focused and stay disciplined.

I also wanted to invite you to join me in this video with others who have sent in questions to me asking specifically about what to do when you hit plateau’s in life and how to keep pushing! So come on into my home and let’s chat 🙂

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Ashley 🙂