Saturday is usually a cardio day for me that I take a break from split lifting, but sometimes I still want to do something that tones my whole body. One of the best ways to tone your body and incorporate cardio into your workout is to use kettlebells. (P.s. if you do not own a kettlebell or your gym does not offer them you can use just dumbbells as well). Kettlebell circuits are also a great way to condition core since the majority of Kettle Bell Exercises incorporate total body movements that strength the lower back and abdomen.

With this Kettle Bell Workout you will want to find a weight that forces you to work around a 65% intensity. For example if you usually lift 20lb Dumbbells for 15-20 repetitions then you may want to use just a 30-35lb KB. If you have never done a Kettle Bell workout before you may want to start with a light weight until you get the form and movements down properly.

You will perform this workout like a circuit so there is no rest in between exercises. You can rest for 60 seconds at the end of completing one full round of the circuit. Challenge yourself to keep the rest time as minimal as possible and complete at least 3 rounds of this Kettle Bell Workout. Even though you are using weights, you will notice the amount of cardio that is incorporated into this workout simply because of the speed and repetitions you using.


Kettlebell workout

Here is a quick Kettle Bell Workout video for you to help show you exactly how to perform a few different fat burning exercises:


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