How awesome would it be to have a diagram of each muscle in your body along with an exercise you can do for each of those groups you want to work on? Well it actually exists!! There are so many different types of exercises you can do to build and target specific muscle groups, but I found this chart that I thought was awesome because while it doesn’t list full on workouts it does give you specific exercises you can do for each muscle group!

I always advise my private clients when creating their workouts or exercises to stick with supersets of opposing muscle groups. When looking at the chart below that would mean if you perform in exercise in the shoulder group such as a shoulder press you would immediately then perform an exercise with an opposing muscle group like a bicep curl or a squat so that you are resting the muscle group, but NOT slowing down the intensity of your workout. This results in burning more calories in a shorter amount of time because you are eliminating the rest time in between sets.  

Also, make sure that you do not work the same muscle group more than twice a week other than the butt. The butt is one of the only muscle groups you can work every day without ruining your progress. Your greatest results happen outside of the gym with your nutrition and rest time because that is when your muscles are repairing and recovering becoming stronger aka tighter.


If you are new to working out or strength training in general I would recommend following a 3 day split that can either follow 3 days of Total Body with a rest day in between each day OR alternating between upper body and lower body days. If you choose to perform the 3 Total Body days then be sure that you are doing a different workout all 3 days instead of performing the same total body workout 3x a week. By changing the workout, this ensures your muscles are being shocked and your body does not “get used” to the workout and stop burning as many calories to keep up. You want your body to keep guessing and keeping it unpredictable so you continue to see results. I usually also suggest hiring a personal trainer or getting a structured workout program when first starting out to help educate you on how to set up your workouts, your rest time, and your nutrition. Once you go through a few months of that, you will have a better understanding of how to create your own workout schedule.

You will always burn more calories performing weighted strength training workouts with supersets AND get faster results than you will just performing 30-45 minutes of cardio.

Cardio will help you drop a little bit of weight initially, but eventually you will get to a point where you are changing the shape and definition of your body you end up just being “skinny” without any firmness.

  • Take a look at the image below, the image on the left is of a female who does short strength circuits and “bursts” of power exercises whose body is firm, defined, and strong. The image on the left is a female runner who spends hours each day running who is also slim, but does not have the same firmness to her body as the female on the left.


If your goal is to just be skinny then this article is not for you.

My goal and passion is to help women embrace their strong and beautiful bodies so that when you look in the mirror you love what you see with firm arms, toned legs, flat & firm abs, and you can have the confidence you deserve.

Most women, struggle with getting the body they want NOT because they have bad genes or just don’t have the “right” body, but simply because they have been given the wrong information.

Drinking shakes will not make you transform your body. It will make you lose weight initially then leave you stuck without the results you want.

Doing hours of cardio will not give you a fit and firm body. It will leave you exhausted and wondering why you lost so much weight at first but now you can’t lose any weight.

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