Shocking information….I hate cardio! Who doesn’t though? lol Some days if I am stressed and my head is spinning, yes I admit that getting outside and doing some cardio feels great, but for the most part I would rather not do anything on the treadmill or that entire section of the gym. I am a lifter and a power athlete so anything I can do that challenges my muscles and shocks them I am all in! If this is anything like you, this workout will be perfect for you to switch up your regular cardio routine.

The idea behind this is to move as fast as you can with as little rest as possible. The good news is, the way I structured this workout you will be switching muscle groups with each exercise so we won’t be burning out the same group back to back. Mostly, we are going for endurance and fat loss not strength so don’t worry about any weights we will only be using your body weight! Yay!

You will perform these exercises like a circuit so that means just go in order that I have the exercises listed and keep moving without resting in between. You will take a rest at the end of the circuit before repeating it.

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds before moving onto the next. Complete for a total of 4 rounds with 1:00 rest in between each round. (If you need help with any of these exercises check out my YouTube channel that is full of exercise demo’s and workouts)

Mountain Climbers
Bicycle Crunches
In and Out Jumps
Box Jumps (Or step ups)
Bench Dips
Plank Hold

That is it. Perform all of those exercises for 45 seconds total and once you have completed the whole circuit you get 1:00 rest. This will take under 30 minutes and you will end up burning more calories doing this then if you were to do 30 minutes on a treadmill because you are challenging your body to constantly move to a different exercise and muscle group instead of keeping the same pace for 30 minutes.

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