Yay!! It is shoulder day-one of my favorite days to workout! I don’t know why I think I love shoulder day because you can actually see your muscle definition while you are lifting and working out your shoulders. Well today I figured we should step it up by completely eliminating rest and going with active rest to get in some extra calorie expenditure and some plyometrics to cross train our bodies a little bit. Active rest simply means you are resting the body part that you are lifting, but you are still staying active keeping your heart rate up. Enough talking time to start working!

Perform each exercise with proper form then follow the lifting exercise with the Active Rest without taking a break…hence the ACTIVE rest part 🙂

Seated Shoulder Press- 4 x 10 reps (10 reps means you should be heavier then the weight you use to do 15 reps)
30 Seconds of Jump Squats as fast as possible

Seated Dumbbell Front Raise- 4 x 10 (keep it heavy, but watch your form)
Rear Delt Raises- 4 x 15 (Lighter weight)
30 Seconds of Jumping Jacks

(Yep I sure did sneak a superset in with that one!)

DB Side Lateral Raise- 3 x 15
Close Grip Shoulder Press- 3 x 15
30 Seconds speed air squats

Rear Flies- 3 x 12
Front Plate Raise- 3 x 8 (Yes, 8 means go heavy)
30 seconds step ups

Finish up with this ABS Circuit:

Plank: 30 Seconds
Flutter Kicks: 30 Seconds
V-Ups: 30 Seconds

Back to back for 3 sets total of that triple set please 🙂


Go for it and try the shoulder active rest day and comment so I know how you do! Or post a picture of your burn out and tag me on Facebook so I can see!!

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