I know you have heard of a superset, but have you ever done a triple set? A triple set is simply doing 3 exercises in a group back to back kind of like a circuit except they are all working the same muscle group. Just like a superset, you just add in one more to make it a triple set. Triple Set leg workout sounds incredibly awful and amazing! It’s one of those workouts where you are scared to try it out then when you are done you think Holy Crap I feel like I just conquered the world!

Are you ready to get your butt kicked (literally)?

Leg Burnout Workout

Warmup: Perform Burpees for 1:00 for 3 sets with 30 second rest in between

Triple Set 1)

Split Lunges- 3 x 12 (use 15-25lb DB’s)
Reverse Lunges (Step backwards)- 3 x 10 (15-25lb DB’s)
Isolated Lunge- 3 x 10 (20lb DB’s)

Complete triple set 1 for 3 sets before moving onto triple set 2.

Triple Set 2)

Smith Machine Squats- 3 x 12 (70lbs)
Sumo Squats- 3 x 12 (use one 30-45lb DB)
Sissy Squats- 3 x 10 (use 15-25lb DB’s)

Complete all 3 sets before moving on to triple set 3

Triple Set 3)

Kettlebell Swings- 3 x 15 (35-45lb KB)
Air Squats- 3 x 30 seconds as fast as you can
Deadlifts- 3 x 15 (45-65lbs)

Triple set burn out it is! You should be completely burnt out by the time you finish this workout and if not, then you need to move faster and step up your weights. Try it out, leave me a comment on here or on FaceBook and let me know how you do! If you need help learning how to do any of the exercises you can check out the YouTube page that has exercise demo’s.

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