My two favorite days to workout every week are legs and shoulders because they seem to be the two groups that shape your entire body. With nice rounded shoulders and strong legs, you get the awesome curves and physique that shows a strong and fit body! One of the things I always let clients know is to be careful when lifting heavy with shoulders to ensure you have proper form since the rotator cuff is one of the most easily injured areas in the lifting world.

For this workout, simply follow each exercise that you will see in the video below with 12-15 repetitions for 3 sets. You want to choose weights that are fairly heavy allowing you to challenge your muscles along with keeping proper form.

For example, if you choose 20lb dumbbells, the last two repetitions of a shoulder press should be quite a struggle to the point that you cannot push out more than the 12 repetitions. If you are able to do a few more repetitions past that then you need to increase your weight to challenge your strength a little bit more.

Here is the video with each exercise demonstrated. Work hard, train hard, and enjoy!