The purpose of lifting is to strengthen your body while lowering your body fat, but sometimes it is not about how much you lift and more about how you lift. Because of my body type, a mesomorph, it is incredibly easy for me to put on muscle and build so I have to play around with my lifting routines to stay lean. However, every body type is different and sometimes in order to gain strength you have to incorporate the proper lifting regimens such as drop sets. Drop sets are used with a lot of competitors and fitness enthusiasts because it is the best way to gain strength (not necessarily size since I know that is the main fear, but simply just strength). The idea behind a drop set is that you increase your normal lifting weight slightly by 5-20lbs and do as many repetitions as you can. Once you cannot do anymore you drop the weight amount by 40-60% and perform a few more repetitions then drop again to finish the set with a low weight and higher repetitions.

This trains your muscles to lift something heavier for a few reps while gaining muscular endurance on what would be your normal weight amount. For example, if you normally shoulder press a pair of 15lb dumbbells, your shoulder will eventually adapt and learn to lift only 15lbs. However, if you grab a pair of 20’s or 25’s and lift those for 5-6 repetitions, then grab the 15’s and lift those for 10-12 more repetitions your muscles are now forced to find strength to lift the extra wait while working the endurance to push through and perform the repetitions for your “normal weight amount”.

I do not use drop sets on a regular basis, however I do use them when I feel like I have plateau’s or like I am not making any gains. I always tell my girls in the ABS Transformation program they “You are much stronger then you think you are and the body simply does what the mind tells it to do”. If you tell yourself you can only lift 10lbs then that is all you know you can lift until you try more and drop sets are a great way to challenge your body and your mind to find out what you are really made of.

You can perform drop sets on any  muscle group just be sure you do not sacrifice form on any exercise simply to increase the weight.Quality over quantity so if a weight is to heavy for you to lift properly then have someone help you lift it properly or lower it some.

Try it out and let me know how you do by leaving a comment below!