Any time I get in a new environment (aka I recently moved to Cali and am at a new gym), I feel inspired to try out new things. I typically follow a split routine with Legs on Monday and Shoulders on Tuesday, but this week I decided to switch it around and switch up the type of workout. I also usually do about 45 minutes of lifting followed by 35-45 minutes of steady state cardio since this is the typical format to follow to burn fat while building lean muscle, but that gets old and sometimes I need a chance. So for shoulder day this week I did not do any post workout cardio and decided to just incorporate my cardio with active rest into the shoulder day. I also through in an Olympic Lift and some plyometric moves and it left me dripping sweat (hence the puddle of sweat in the picture) So Since You love  a hard workout that leaves you feeling the way I did in this picture (and I know you do or you would not be reading this post), I figured I’d share the workout with you to try out along with the weight that I used for each exercise.


Perform Each Exercise as a Super Set (Back to back with no rest)

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 25lbsx 20 Reps
Jump Rope for 1:00
3 Sets

Barbell Upright Rows 50lbs x 15 Reps
Power Step Ups 20 Repetitions
3 Sets

Squat Clean to Push Press 85lbs x 5 Repetitions
Step Ups 20 Repetitions
6 Sets Total

Cable Side Lateral Raise (Each Side) 30lbs x 15 Repetitions
Box Jumps 12 Repetitions
3 Sets

Cable Real Deltoid Flys 10lbs (each side) x 12 Repetitions
Russian Kettle Bell Swings 35lbs x 20 Repetitions
3 Sets

Followed with static Stretching. This workout should take you under 45 minutes to complete. The goal is to move fast while keeping form to where you are incorporating cardio into your lifting routine. Be sure after a lifting session like this to recover and fuel your body with a lean protein source and lots of water! I followed mine up with ABS Protein Pancakes in Cake Batter topped with Strawberries and Sugar Free Syrup for my recovery meal!

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