Butt lift

Is your butt feeling a little sad and needing a pick me up? Well  besides your nutrition needing to be on key, there are specific exercises you can do to tighten and lift your butt? You know that little butt crease when it starts to get a little saggy? That is exactly what these exercises will help you with!


I used to hate leg day with a passion and I admit would even skip it sometimes just because I did not want to go through the torture…until I started seeing results! I swear once you see your body transform you will notice your motivation and attitude changes as well. I absolutely love working the booty because for females I feel like it contributes to your overall shape.

Having said that here are my top 5 Favorite Exercises to lift, firm and shape your booty:

Deep Squats <<<(Click each exercise to see the video on exactly how to perform this properly!)

Lunge Jumps

Cable Kick Backs

Weighted Step Ups

Walking Lunges

Really want to kick your butt and get a killer cardio and strength workout… perform all of these exercises back to back for 5 rounds of 20 repetitions of each exercise. You will not need to do any cardio with it since you are taking your rest out of your lifting (trust me your heart rate will be through the roof).

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Ashley Drummonds