I talk so much about leg day and how to shape your booty and legs that I recently decided it had been way to long sine I gave you some awesome tips for your back!

I will be honest that my least favorite day to train is back, however it is one of the strongest muscle groups and supports your entire body literally so when I think about how I utilize my back in every single lift I do (especially lower back by engaging your core) I get super excited to train. As I mentioned in a previous post that I have recently switched up my own training regimen, I am focused more on supersets and circuits with lighter weights for the next few weeks then the typical heavier sets I follow.

This is also called a “de-load” week which means you are lightening the load to give your joints and muscles some time to fully recover and repair. This is one of the things I emphasize in the Flat ABS program that every 4 weeks you need to adjust your training regimen in some way to keep challenging your muscle groups or else you will eventually hit a plateau and your  muscles will just be going through the motion. I am sure you have done this unintentionally where you get in the routine of going to the gym with total body workouts 3x a week then after a few months you switch to a split routine (leg day, back day, shoulder day, etc.) and you are barely able to walk for a few days…that is because you are shocking your system and taking it completely out of it’s normal predictable routine which is awesome!

The Fruit Diet (2)

So today, I have an awesome Back Focused Workout that will give you a nice sculpted backside along with an awesome workout!

With this back targeted workout, I have you doing 5 exercises in this circuit that target different areas of your back. I want you to perform each exercise with little to no rest in between focusing on your form, breathing, and keep your core engaged. (Your core is like a rubber band or belt that is not just in the front of you, but wraps all the way around to your lower back so it is important to keep it engaged when lifting for back day to support you). If you do not have a barbell to perform certain exercises, I have included different variations of the exercises in the videos to help you adjust and still get an awesome workout.

**Just click on each exercise and you will see how to do proper form and modified versions depending on your fitness level.

Perform these exercises for a total of 4 rounds. One round=completing one set of all the exercises together back to back. Perform 12-15 reps of each exercise.

1 Arm Dumbbell Row
Dead Lift
Seated Cable Row
Bent Over Row

The awesome part about performing your strength training routine in the form of a circuit is that you are also getting a cardio workout in at the same time since you are moving fast and eliminating rest time.

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