Just recently, I switched up my training regimen to very slow or negative repetitions which simply means that I take on average 2-3 seconds for contraction and release one each exercise. I also switched up my muscle groups that I train together since I usually follow five day split. My current split routine schedule goes something like this:

Monday- Leg Supersets
Tuesday- Back and Biceps
Wednesday- Shoulders and Triceps
Thursday-Chest and Abs
Friday- Speed and Agility

I always try to switch up my lifting routine every 4-6 weeks or if I am no longer getting sore from my workouts because for me that means my body is adjusting. With this type of superset workout you are challenging the major muscle groups in each exercise along with the secondary group. For example anytime you perform a shoulder press, your first muscle that is being activated is the shoulder and the second one to help with the movement are the triceps. By performing a tricep exercise immediately after a shoulder exercise, you are forcing your muscles to work over time. Shoulder Workout Schedule

When going through the Bikini Body Fat Burn Program, the last month is nothing but circuits and supersets because you cut out the rest time to challenge your muscles while also burning more calories. Any time you start a workout program, you want to make sure you only stick with a muscle split, cardio regimen, and superset schedule for 4 weeks to keep your body constantly adjusting.

Today I burned out shoulders and triceps with the following workout performing all of these as supersets:

Overhead Cable Tricep Extension
Barbell Upright Row

Body Weight Tricep Dips
Cable Side Lateral Raise

Front Plate Raises
Reverse Grip Tricep Pushdowns

Rope Cable Front Shoulder Raises
Close Grip Barbell Press

Seated Barbell Shoulder Press (Burn out for 4 sets)
Tricep Pushups

Each exercise I performed for 12-15 reps (I also increased all of my repetitions with my new split schedule since I usually do about 8-10reps). Also, in between supersets I either completely eliminated the rest time and just burned out or if I absolutely was dying (which towards the end I was) I took 30 seconds before starting the next superset.

After all of this, simply do 25-30 minutes of steady state cardio so for me it was walking on the treadmill at a speed of 3.5 and incline at 5%.

Total time was about 1 hour and 15 minutes I believe..however, this includes bathroom breaks and water breaks ha!

Try it out and see how your shoulders and triceps do if you are in need of a new workout!