In every post and video, you guys usually get to see me very motivated, upbeat, and positive. However, today was not one of those days. I was exhausted and the last thing I wanted to do was get in the gym and knock out supersets and of all days…on chest day. Most women skip strength training on chest simply because logically we think “I have boobs…why would I workout my chest?” Well, that is exactly why you need to workout your chest. Think of it like a free boob lift! The more you strengthen and tone the underlying pectoral muscles you will lift your boobs and strengthen your arms while you are at it! As if that is not enough, your chest is one of your major muscle groups in the body. Once you get in the routine of incorporating a chest day into your regular routine, you will notice that some of your other shoulder lifts will also be stronger because you are incorporating your front deltoid in a lot of chest exercises.

I decided to show you guys a little bit of my grumpy/lazy side when I really do not want to workout, but I also give you tips on what I do to get motivated and what you can also do to get motivation. On top of all of that, you will get to see a great chest superset exercise you can incorporate into your own routine to add cardio and burn out your chest in your workout.

Performing supersets within your lifting routine forces your body to work a little harder with some cardio/active rest while also incorporating a strength aspect into it…what does that mean? You burn more calories and increase endurance. Towards the leaning out phase of the ABS for Women, most of the lifting sessions are performed with either active rest or as a circuit to give your body one final push to help with fat loss.

So come on over and join me in this gym with one of my best friends, Amy as we perform a Chest Superset that you can do too!

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Share this superset with your workout buddy and give it a try next time you workout!


Ashley 🙂