Hamburgers, chips, cheesecake, pizza, beer, you name it and I’m pretty sure I ate it this past week. I didn’t have one big birthday celebration-I decided to celebrate every day and forget about nutrition for a bit. It’s now Monday morning, a new week, a new start and time to get back on track. How do you do that and what’s the best way to do drop the extra weight without dieting and doing crazy hours on the treadmill?

First thing, hydrate! Drink lots and lots of water to flush your system of extra sodium intake. It seems the opposite, but the more water you drink the more water you will flush out of your system

Second, cut out any extra sugar and processed carbs. For example, dairy, fruits, white carbs, dried fruits, etc. You are only doing this for this week just to help get rid of the extra stuff you ate last week.

Third, switch your lifting routine to supersets or circuits so you are performing the lifts with more of a cardio effect increasing your metabolism and increasing your calories burned.

Fourth, following your lifting when all of the glycogen stores are used up in your system perform either a 20 min HIIT cardio session or a 45 minute endurance cardio session to burn fat!

Fifth, don’t be too hard on yourself. You enjoyed good food, good people and a good celebration so just jump back on track and get back to it! 🙂

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