I recently sat down with a young female for a fitness consultation and started the meeting off like I usually do with new clients asking specific questions to find out her goals, obstacles and to lay out a clear plan for her to get the body she’s looking for. She had stated that she wasn’t happy with where her physique was at and wanted to tighten up and trim all over so she felt better about herself, had more confidence when she went out, more confidence when she was with her husband, and just better overall health. She was currently working out 3x a week and had a fairly decent nutrition plan she followed on her own. So I finally got to the question that I always ask, “Do you have a specific image or size you want to be so I can keep track of your progress?” Her answer (which I have heard dozens of times), “Yes! Do you know who Jamie Eason is!?” I paused for a second and nodded my head to confirm that I was very aware of who Jamie Eason was and she continued with “That’s exactly what I want to look like! She looks incredible and I want to get there in 6 -8 weeks!”. I just smiled and I had a nice long heart to heart with her and I am about to tell you the exact same thing I told her about fitness models who have physiques like Jamie Eason, Nicole Wilkins, Felicia Romero, and any other female who has abs….this is definitely something all females need to know and is definitely video worthy! So HERE is exactly what I told her and am telling you as well! P.s. If you found this post helpful and you enjoyed it then go on and join my mailing list I would love to stay connected with you 🙂