It’s easy to come up with outdoor workouts that don’t require a gym, but sometimes it can be a little tricky to figure out how to strength train outdoors without having access to a gym. Any time I travel or am not near my home gym (Power House here in Tampa) I usually have a pair of dumbbells in my car and perform a circuit similar to the one I put in this video for you to kick my butt and do some serious total body strength training!


This is a 300 Rep Workout that will leave you with an awesome total body strength circuit in under 30 minutes!

Equipment needed: One Pair of 15lb Dumb Bells or if you can handle heavier then go for heavier!

20 Dumb Bell Swings (aka kb swings use both dumb bells)

20 Weighted Squat Jumps

20 Weighted Burpees to Shoulder Press

20 One Arm DB Cleans (10 each side)

20 Walking Lunges to Hammer Curls

Perform as a circuit with no rest in between exercises for a total of 3 rounds to get your full 300 rep workout! DO NOT LET GO OF THE WEIGHTS UNTIL YOU COMPLETE THE WHOLE WORKOUT….that’s what makes it a butter kicker! 🙂

All of the exercises are demonstrated in the video below! Share this workout with a friend and subscribe to my channel and email list for more updates and more free workouts!!! 🙂