The majority of my clients do not train 5-6 days a week so I do not really get to put them on a split lifting plan and have to come up with creative ways to kick their butt while still giving them strength training moves and in a limited time frame. Plus, there’s days where we just don’t have much time and even getting to the gym is pushing our schedule. So when you need to get a lifting session in, but have less than 30 minutes to get it done try out this butt kicking workout full of compound/big movements to push you and get a good burn! 

*You will need a gym, barbells or some pretty heavy KB’s or Dumbbells to perform these exercises.

Deep Squat to Overhead Press 50-60lbs
Push Up To Rows 15lb Dumbbells
Sumo Squat to High Pull 60lbs
Flat Bench Press with Leg Lift 70lbs
KB Or Dumbbell Swings 35lbs

Perform 12-15 reps of each back to back with no rest in between like a circuit. The weight amounts I put in are for my own workouts, but when choosing a weight you want to choose one that makes it hard to push those last 2-3 reps out to make sure you are challenging your muscles. Perform the circuit for a total of 4 rounds! That should burn you out pretty good and hit every major muscle group!

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Deep Squat to Overhead Press
Push up to Row
Sumo Squat to High Pull
Chest Press with Leg Lift
KB Or Dumbbell Swing

Try it out and share on FaceBook if you like it!! Good Luck!